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More and more people are going to court without the aid of one or more lawyers. That takes guts.

case filesBefore it gets to that point, you or the party that is taking you to court should have done everything possible to resolve the matter without the court’s assistance. That’s the law. Taking someone to court should always be a last resort.

If you are unable to come to an agreement out of court and decide to become a litigant in person, you will have to take the lead in your court case.

You are not on your own, however. A great deal of guidance is available on the internet (a word of warning) and your local court may have a Personal Support Unit for litigants in person (defendants as well as claimants without legal representation).

In addition, Angelina Souren Ltd may be able to assist you.

Through around-­the-clock support, Angelina Souren Ltd can make your own time worth so much more. While you are celebrating your daughter’s birthday, having dinner with your family, or giving a presentation at your place of work, someone else can be doing legal research or preparing a legal document for you.

Angelina Souren Ltd may be able to attend meetings with you, can be there for you on the phone or on Skype – 24/7 – when you want to discuss aspects of your legal challenge, or vent about something. It adds peace of mind to your life, as tackling legal matters on your own is often very stressful.

There are many more situations in life – other than being a litigant in person – when it can help to have some support in the legal realm. Most people don’t recognise those situations, unfortunately, so it is hard to reach them. They may take something they are told for granted, and feel intimidated by it, so they obediently do as told.

There are even people who think that they are being prosecuted for a crime, while they’re merely being challenged in civil proceedings – and possibly simply manipulated into forking over sums they shouldn’t be paying.

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