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You probably landed on this web site because you are contemplating tackling a legal issue on your own. I help people like you represent themselves in legal disputes.

helpful handThis does not necessarily mean that you are going to court or are someone else is taking you to court. More likely, there is something you simply are not happy about and about which the law says something that works in your favour. Before you take someone to court, you must make every effort to solve the issue without involving the courts anyway.

I don’t take on every type of case, but because most people are not very familiar with legal topics, they often don’t know what type of matter they have on their hands. So let me tell you what I do NOT handle.

I do NOT handle:

  • Family law
  • Benefits issues
  • Most criminal cases

I do not take on benefits issues because this is a highly specific and constantly changing area. Also, places like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) and Advice Portsmouth (part of YOU) already offer that kind of advice.

Also, I do not take on every case that comes along, regardless of suitability, for example because I want to make sure I can be there for you 24/7. I’ll instantly refund your full prepayment if you have already made one when I am unavailable. PayPal’s buyer protection backs you up on that.

When you contact me, I will listen to what you tell me and let you know whether I think I can help you or not. in some cases, I may want to do a little bit of research first because I like to be thorough.

If I accept you as a client, you will get extensive legal and moral support from me. This is a service that I charge a fee for.

  • We can agree on a fixed fee for your entire case (excluding any major expenses), of which you pay 50% up front (and 50% later, if you’ve been happy with how I have helped you). That’s my PayPerCase option.
  • You can also choose a Pay­Per­Period arrangement for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Again, you pay 50% in advance. At the end of the pay period, you pay the remaining 50% provided you are happy with how I have helped you.

What the arrangement consists of depends on your case and on what you need. Some of you mainly want me to do research, but don’t require me to be there at meetings and hearings. For others, I also track down some evidence and I sometimes help people prepare for court
hearings, particularly if they find those surroundings intimidating.

I also help most people stay organised and I may even help you stay on top of deadlines. When allowed by the judge, I can sit by your side in the court room as your McKenzie Friend, and for example take notes for you, hand you papers you need, and help you stick to the points you want to make when you address the judge.

Angelina Souren Ltd is not a law firm so I cannot legally represent you. That means that I cannot sign documents on your behalf, I cannot speak for you at meetings, and I cannot stand up in court for you and talk to judges on your behalf. If you start court proceedings, I cannot take the lead in your lawsuit for you, but I can give you my views.

  • I can do research for you.
  • I can be there for you to talk with 24/7 (phone, and also e-mail or Skype).
  • I can help you prepare for negotiations with the other side.
  • I can help your prepare your court case.
  • I can be there with you in the court house.

It is all part of the Pay­Per­Period or PayPerCase arrangement. A fair use policy applies, but I don’t expect that I will ever have to invoke it.

Like i said, you pay 50% up front. You pay the remaining 50% at the end of the pay period if you are happy with how I have helped you. Of course, if you didn’t need me to spring into action for you during a Pay Period, then too, you won’t pay the remaining 50%.

I will first talk with you – confidentially – and then I’ll send you an agreement for your perusal. I will also want to see ID and verify your address; I will let you know which documents I need. Until I receive the agreement back from you, signed by you and by me, you won’t have hired me yet, regardless of whether you made an advance payment or not.

I work with agreements because they help prevent misunderstandings. Agreements reinforce
mutual trust and lay down which promises we make to each other. If you change your
mind, decide not to sign the agreement and have already paid the 50% advance, I will swiftly return your payment.

  • What’s included? A lot! The details are all set out in the agreement. You pay 50% up front, and if you’re happy, you pay the remaining 50% at the end. Usually, that’s it. You will usually not get any additional bills from me relating to any pay period.
  • What’s not included? Any costs for the translation of one or more documents from one language to another, for example. I also expect you to pay your own court fees, if you incur any.

If you want, you can click one of these PayPal buttons and get some peace of mind right away. These PayPal buttons give you added buyer protection.

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Finally, maybe I can inspire you with the following passage from Deborah L. Rhode’s book ‘Access to Justice’.

‘Three years in law school and passage of a bar exam are neither necessary nor sufficient to ensure expertise in the areas where non-lawyer services flourish; lay specialists may be better able to provide cost-­effective services than lawyers who practice in multiple fields.’

Deborah Rhode is the Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law at Stanford University. She is also the founding president of the International Association of Legal Ethics, the former president of the Association of American Law Schools and the former founding director of Stanford’s Center on Ethics, among many other things. She is the world’s most frequently cited scholar on legal ethics.

You can reach me on mobile number 075 1826 1184.

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