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Three years in law school and passage of a bar exam are neither necessary nor sufficient to ensure expertise in the areas where nonlawyer services flourish; lay specialists may be better able to provide cost-effective services than lawyers who practice in multiple fields.

courtThis is a phrase from Deborah L. Rhode’s book ‘Access to Justice’ which she published in 2005. Deborah Rhode is the Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law at Stanford University.

She is the founding president of the International Association of Legal Ethics, the former president of the Association of American Law Schools and the former founding director of Stanford’s Center on Ethics. She is the most frequently cited scholar on legal ethics.

According to Deborah Rhode, ‘equal justice under law’ is one of America’s most firmly embedded and widely violated legal principles. She could have written something similar about Britain. One of the things Britain needs badly are low-cost legal support services. That’s where I come in.

Persons without legal qualifications are allowed to provide legal services in England, as long as they limit them to so-called non-reserved legal activities. Only solicitors and barristers can provide reserved legal activities. The Legal Services Act 2007 defines those reserved legal activities as:

(a) the exercise of a right of audience (advocacy);
(b) the conduct of litigation;
(c) reserved instrument activities (conveyancing);
(d) probate activities;
(e) notarial activities; and
(f) the administration of oaths.

I am not a lawyer, so if you are looking for any of these reserved services, you do require a lawyer. I can help you very well in many other ways, with non-reserved legal activities.

I have a keen legal sense, a pretty good brain and a strong drive for justice and fairness. Among other things, I worked as a legal secretary at Clifford Chance, a leading English law firm, where I supplemented my income for about three years, by working many evenings, nights, weekends and days alongside highly paid and very capable top lawyers and legal secretaries.

My mobile number is 075 1826 1184.

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