Paperwork paperwork paperwork

Do you have a scanner?

documentsThen consider scanning every legal document you have – such as diplomas, rent agreements, birth certificates and insurance papers and maybe also all receipts of major purchases – and keeping those scans on a USB stick.

Don’t store them online.¬†Anything that goes online can potentially be accessed by anyone. Cyber security is an illusion. Everything is hackable. It’s just a matter of time.

If you don’t have a scanner, think about making paper copies of all such documents.

Keep that USB stick or those copies in a large envelope at the house of a good friend.

That way, if a storm damages your roof and the resulting leak causes extensive water damage to your paperwork or any other kind of unplanned event occurs that means that you no longer have your documents, at least you will have copies of them.

It may take you a few hours to catch up right now, but it can save you a lot of time and effort later. And once you’ve done it, it is easy to keep up.