Good government and bad government

There are murals in Siena (Italy) by Ambrogio Lorenzetti that depict good government on one side and bad government on the other. The murals were created in 1338 and 1339.

With bad government, courts too were making bad decisions.

“Good government is only possible if people step up. If you make the sacrifice.”

(After The Good Wife, Series 1, Episode 23)

Paperwork paperwork paperwork

Do you have a scanner?

documentsThen consider scanning every legal document you have – such as diplomas, rent agreements, birth certificates and insurance papers – and keeping those scans in a safe place online.

If you don’t have a scanner, think about making copies of all such documents, and keeping those copies in a large envelope at the house of a good friend.

That way, if a storm damages your roof and the resulting leak causes extensive water damage to your paperwork or any other kind of unplanned event occurs that means that you no longer have your documents, at least you will have copies of them.

It may take you a few hours to catch up right now, but it can save you a lot of time and effort later. And once you’ve done it, it is easy to keep up.

Housing crisis hitting the UK

Last Friday, Metro reported that record numbers of tenant evictions are taking place. 47,220 eviction proceedings were started in the first three months of this year, Metro mentioned.

homeWhile rents continue to go up, mortgages are down, on the other hand, and an average monthly mortgage payment amount is currently lower than an average month of rent. Also, the number of repossessions because of mortgage arrears appears to have hit a low, by contrast.

There is another difference. Housing charity Shelter said that tenants can be faced with revenge evictions after they contact their landlord, their letting agent or their council about problems such as leaking roofs and mouldy walls. That’s abuse. If this is happening to you, contact your council’s tenancy relationships officer as well as Shelter for advice.

When you’re living in deplorable housing conditions, it becomes harder and harder to make a living and stay on your feet. Not only do housing problems have practical consequences that can take up a lot of time, they can also eat away at your health and peace of mind. Good landlords know that it is also in their interest to keep their property – your home – as well as you in good shape.