A lack of funds can trip up a litigant in person

I promised I would elaborate.

How can a lack of money trip you up?

Some filings are crucial, which means that paying the fees for them is crucial as well. If you have to rely on a fee remission, the fee remission process can take you past the filing deadline. It means that a judge can order you to file the crucial form as soon as possible if you don’t want your case to be thrown out.

From the start, be aware of which filings are crucial and how much the fees are. Set the funds aside or borrow the money from friends. File the document and file the fee remission paperwork at the same time. Pay your friends back as soon as you receive the cheque from the court and your bank has processed it.

Also, make sure you do not run out of ink or paper at the wrong time. Have enough envelopes in stock and don’t run out of stamps or money for stamps.