Why some of my services are unique

I offer something that hardly anybody else provides within this context, namely the option of abundant attention for what really matters to you. Without this even leading to a higher bill! Although a fair use policy applies to my concierge-style services, I do not expect ever having to invoke it, in practice. That also enables me to keep my services so affordable.

calling meMy concierge-style options allow you to contact me at any time to talk about your legal or business challenges during the period
covered by our contract.

This is important.

  • Particularly as a litigant in person, though also in many other circumstances, you will greatly appreciate having a listening ear and getting feedback. Your closest friends and family may be very supportive, but in most cases will have little understanding of what you are doing.
  • Several studies report that Britons do not connect easily. Britons are the loneliest people within the EU, and therefore probably the loneliest people of the entire western world. Britons even interact considerably less with strangers in online gaming.

You don’t have to be located nearby to be able to profit from my concierge-style services, particularly if you have Skype.

Reassurances for prospective clients

1. In December 2014, I registered a private limited company (company number 09354684). This means that any payments you make go into a company’s bank account, not into someone’s personal account or sole trader’s account.

citizens2. There are PayPal buttons on the site for the first payment of the Pay-Per-Period arrangement (and I also have the option of invoicing you via PayPal, in some other circumstances). If you use a PayPal button, you will have PayPal Buyer Protection.

3. Unless you want me to keep time and invoice you for time spent for you, you also have my own guarantee, which covers the remaining 50%; you only pay that if you’re happy with how I’ve helped you.

4. In November 2014, I registered the business as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Why? Because I like making my customers feel as happy and confident as possible from the beginning.

Cultural hiccups

When Britons start repeating “don’t worry about it” (which means “fuck off, leave me alone”) to strangers from other countries, they have no idea that those people hear something entirely different.

smileThe reverse is likely equally true. When someone from another country says “don’t worry about it”, they mean just that.

Sarcasm is quintessentially British and usually completely lost on foreigners.

There are similar differences between language and customs used in court and language and customs used in daily life in Britain.

Court of Appeal: LIPs must pay attention to Civil Procedure Rules

Last month, the Court of Appeal dealt with the case between Nata Lee Ltd and Abid & Another. Nata Lee appealed against an Order made in the Central London County Court in 2013.

court houseNata Lee had appeared in the County Court without legal representation and had failed to apply for permission to include an expert witness in a timely manner (three days late). The County Court judge subsequently refused to admit this witness.

Although other factors played a greater role in this case, in its judgement ([2014] EWCA Civ 1652), the Court of Appeal made clear that, in its view, the fact that a party is acting without legal representation is no reason to allow disregard for rules, orders and directions.

Litigants in person should not be surprised by the consequences of failing to comply with the CPR or by having applications for relief from sanctions turned down when these sanctions were the result of failure to comply with the CPR on the part of the litigant in person.

Lord Justice Briggs continued:

“There may be cases in which the fact that a party is a litigant in person has some consequence in the determination of applications for relief from sanctions, but this is likely to operate at the margins.”