“Solicitors should not use email at all”

In an article in Computing News last year about the warning ICO issued to the legal profession after a series of data breaches, Richard Anstey, CTO EMEA for collaboration tools provider Intralinks, was asked for his input on ICO’s top tips for barristers and solicitors. He said the following:

“instead of ensuring email is encrypted or password-protected, solicitors should not use email at all”

You can read what he recommends using instead in the article in Computing News and possibly follow it up by going here. (I don’t know how accurate the information is on that site, but it will get you started.)

7 out of 10 UK law firms affected by cyber crime in 2014?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has reported that in 2014, nearly 70% of UK law firms reported a cyber security incident.

cyber security guy or hackerRead more: here.

The first half of the article focuses on bogus law firms. The second paragraph under the ad is about how cyber crime affects law firms.

For the record: the English police does not investigate such incidents. If you take such a matter to the police, at best you’ll be told to block the person on Facebook (officer in Portsmouth) or
to hire a cyber security firm to deal with the matter (officer in Southampton).

The latter would cost a fortune that the smaller law firms can’t afford. There are two components to this: jacking up your security and hunting down the perpetrator. You can forget about the latter. It would put you out of business.

Uber Technologies – not a law firm – has billions at its disposal; that allowed it to do some investigating that enabled it to file a John Doe lawsuit after its recently reported hacking incident. Which it discovered about half a year after the fact and then kept silent about for another six months. Give or take a few days.

Data security in the legal profession

ICO, which I called some time ago about the continued hacking problems I sometimes write about but which understandably cannot justify the expense to investigate them, issued a warning last year after several data breaches at law firms.

circuitAccording to the ICO, there were fifteen reported incidents of data breaches in the legal profession within a period of three months.

You can read more about it in this article in the online magazine Computing News and on
this article on the ICO website as well as in this pdf file by ICO.

How many legal professionals have ever built a computer from scratch? I have. It worked right away, too. How many legal professionals were taught some computer programming while at university? I was.

Hacker update

Today, he is playing violin sounds and the sounds of footsteps in gravel on this computer.


Grab a chair, a steaming mug of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies and pull up to my desk for a good real-life story about my hacker.

He – or maybe, they, because when people hide in anonymity, who’s to say who it really is – seems to love that theme. Around Christmas, he also played the sound of approaching footsteps in gravel (and the sounds of a crackling fire). I think I’ve heard him play the footsteps before that, too.

But you’ll forgive me if I haven’t kept track of all the sounds he’s played on my computers in nearly seven years’ time. In the past, he has done something similar with train stations along the route Bristol-Portsmouth. The approach theme.

I have no idea what it is all about and I couldn’t care less.

These true-life tales from my desk may help keep my readers entertained, however. That way, I can put this to some good use. Enjoy!

Last week, he used YouTube sound in Chrome to flood sounds into this computer. Today it’s the BBC iplayer’s sound in Chrome. That is, these sound channels are not working and it coincides with the hacker feeding sounds into this computer. I wonder how he does that…!

Back in operation

After I suspended services recently (post taken offline now) because of disruptive hacker activity, I managed to find a way to identify the hacker. Now I can sue him.

That should make the little shit wet his pants and stay put, so that none of my clients suffer the effects of his tyranny from now on. Too many people have already suffered as a result of his antics. This shit really needed to stop.

Targeted hacking does not constitute an “honest mistake”. It’s a deliberate act, violating many rights of the party who gets hacked.

In fact, in this particular case, it’s a series of deliberate hate crimes.

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