Equality: the Black Pete debate

Sinterklaas! Tomorrow! And today is pakjesavond, for those who don’t have the southeastern Dutch tradition that I grew up with. I never knew pakjesavond. As a child, I would come downstairs to breakfast on 6 December and find the table covered with gifts and goodies, and the chairs too.

flower bulb fieldsUnless you’ve been living on Mars, you likely are aware of the hot debate surrounding the Netherlands’ Black Petes.

(Thank you, Independent, for the quotation marks around ‘racist’ in that headline.)

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womenDid you know that Britain is the world’s most openly hostile country for women? If you want data on that, get in touch with me. Britons collectively hate women even more than they hate foreigners, and poor people, and rich people, and politicians, and people who wear white socks and people who wear black socks or brown socks or blue socks, people who wear black coats or white coats or blue coats or red coats or tan coats, and educated people and people who have little education, and people who dye their hair and people who don’t dye their hair, and people who dance, and people who sing and people who smile and people who whistle and people who are confident and people who are happy and people who wear white shoes and people who wear black shoes or blue shoes or brown shoes and people who get mail and people who don’t get mail and people who breathe.

So that is quite something.