Hacker update

Today, he is playing violin sounds and the sounds of footsteps in gravel on this computer.


Grab a chair, a steaming mug of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies and pull up to my desk for a good real-life story about my hacker.

He – or maybe, they, because when people hide in anonymity, who’s to say who it really is – seems to love that theme. Around Christmas, he also played the sound of approaching footsteps in gravel (and the sounds of a crackling fire). I think I’ve heard him play the footsteps before that, too.

But you’ll forgive me if I haven’t kept track of all the sounds he’s played on my computers in nearly seven years’ time. In the past, he has done something similar with train stations along the route Bristol-Portsmouth. The approach theme.

I have no idea what it is all about. These true-life tales from my desk may help keep my readers entertained, however. That way, I can put this to some good use. Enjoy!

Last week, he used YouTube sound in Chrome to flood sounds into this computer. Today it’s the BBC iplayer’s sound in Chrome. That is, these sound channels are not working and it coincides with the hacker feeding sounds into this computer. I wonder how he does that…!

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