Translating activities

Occasionally, I carry out translations as well. Below are some examples.

Strings for an agriculture-related app (English to Dutch)
Various web texts (Dutch to English)
Various lab and facility inspection reports and protocols (Dutch to English)
Novel by Richard Bintanja (Dutch to English, about 58,000 words)
Numerous patents for clients in several countries (several language combinations, subjects like organic chemistry, pharmaceutics, medicine and biotechnology) (mostly English to Dutch, a few were French to Dutch)
80,000 words water management technology (Dutch to English)
57,000 words valve technology (English to Dutch)
Chemistry textbook (German to Dutch)
Forensics For Dummies by Douglas P. Lyle (English to Dutch – Forensisch Onderzoek voor Dummies, including adaptation and writing of new material)
Article dealing with civil engineering aspects of the damage Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans (Dutch to English)
Various texts to do with wind energy and electricity (Dutch to English)
Various texts to do with veterinary products (Dutch to English)
Laboratory manual for a college, 93 pages (Dutch to English)
Various texts to do with clinical trials (Dutch to English and English to Dutch) for various clients from all over the world
Participation in an on-site harmonization meeting in preparation of a clinical trial (English to Dutch);
MSDS material (English to Dutch)
A pocket guide to the stars and planets by Duncan John (English to Dutch)
Medical file, 224 pages (Dutch to English)
Oil and gas reservoir engineering report (Dutch to English)
Astronomy – the definite guide to the universe by Duncan John (English to Dutch)
Genetics For Dummies by Tara Rodden Robinson (English to Dutch – Genetica voor Dummies, translated and adapted)
Weather For Dummies by John D. Cox (small parts translated and new material written for the Dutch version);
Chemistry For Dummies by John T. Moore (English to Dutch – Scheikunde voor Dummies, translated and adapted). This is a book translation I really enjoyed as I was able to add a lot of my own knowledge.
Biology For Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried (English to Dutch – Biologie voor Dummies, translated and adapted somewhat)
Astronomy For Dummies by Stephen P. Maran (English to Dutch – Sterrenkunde voor Dummies, translated; Govert Schilling carried out the review and wrote the introduction)
Physics article
Various medical texts (French to Dutch)
Medical articles and patents (English, German and French to Dutch and Dutch to English) for clients in several countries, including patent attorneys.
Many minutes, notes, articles and so on for Arcadis (Dutch to English)
Letter to the American Geophysical Union’s publication EOS Transactions (English to Dutch)
Various scientific texts (German to English)
Several chapters of Java for Students by Douglas Bell and Mike Parr (English to Dutch)
Several chapters of Programming & Problem Solving with Delphi by Mitchell C. Kerman (English to Dutch)
Several chapters of Essentials of Systems Analysis & Design by Joseph S. Valacich, Joey F. George, and Jeffrey A. Hoffer (Second Edition, English to Dutch)
Monthly, from 2000 to 2008: abstracts for a magazine on information science (Dutch to English)
Various technical texts for various clients (English to Dutch and Dutch to English)
Several oil and gas geo-engineering texts and reports (Dutch to English and English to Dutch)
Report regarding hurricane damage to vegetation (Dutch to English)
Several chapters from a popular-science manuscript (Dutch to English)
Readers for university graduate teaching (Dutch to English)
Various IT texts and reports for various clients (mainly Dutch to English)
Various agreements, business presentations etc. (Dutch to English)
Web site of conference hotel on campus University of Twente (Dutch to English)
Web site for writer-journalist (Dutch to English)
Web site of hotel on the island of Texel (Dutch to English)
Various other web sites (Dutch to English)
Tourism-related brochure and texts for a Dutch client (Dutch to English)
Dummy for Frankfurter Buchmesse (topic obesity) (Dutch to English)
Several chapters fantasy book (fiction) (English to Dutch)
Several editions of a guide containing descriptions of hotels, art, antiques and food (Dutch to English)
Catalog for art exhibition in Japan (Dutch to English, including some writing and editing)

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