Prank, boredom or tardiness?

Yesterday, I found this note under my door. Is this a prank, evidence of boredom (komkommertijd bij de Engelse politie?) or does this inquiry relate to when I was attacked in July 2007?

Hint: I added two letters to the note.

I think it is a prank. First of all, the police forces here are stretched thin in many ways and the officers don’t have the time to go around inquiring randomly whether persons are fine. That makes no sense. They stopped investigating crimes against individuals ten years ago because they don’t have the resources. Their standard response when you report a crime – all over the country, not just in your own town – is that they will treat any information you give them as “intelligence” and then they refer you to the city council and your GP. (In practice, they tend to serve mostly as “citizen oppression officers”, unfortunately.)

Also, it just so happens that I stopped by at the police station only a few days ago, with my passport, to inquire about something in relation to an e-mail I’d had from my home country (someone had reported me missing after my e-mails stopped getting through to him) and the officer at the desk said that everything was fine.

Yes, I was attacked by five lads in July 2007, in an incident similar to two others that had just cost the lives of two Britons. (Thankfully, I didn’t know that at the time of the attack; a Briton in my home country later e-mailed me about it.) Local police (Hampshire Police) showed zero interest in what had transpired at the time, which is rather odd in view of the fact that they must have been aware of the other incidents. Or…?

It is hard to imagine them showing up 10 years later!

A while after the attack back then, via the Old Bailey, I got in touch with the widow of one of the other victims, which was probably good for both of us. After all, I merely had a mild concussion – two stones hit my head – and never lost consciousness so I was relatively fine. (I sustained a serious concussion in my teens as a result of two blows to my head during a traffic accident and those knocked me out good. I was carted off by ambulance then, so I knew it wasn’t as bad as that.)

When I found the lads sitting on a wall in front of my home a few days later, I called police in a bit of a panic, but then too, police, well, I guess were completely unaware of the other two incidents that had happened and cost lives? It is the only explanation that makes sense.

So, no, Hampshire Police officers don’t go around inquiring whether people are well, not even after a serious attack, and I am not on a first-name basis with anyone called William either.

So it must be another prank, from anonymous neighborhood folks. I get pranked a lot. Also by police.

(The latter isn’t something I can explain to people in my home country as it appears to be part of the quintessentially British makeup.)

One thought on “Prank, boredom or tardiness?

  1. Three months to six months ago, they started to do things like keep driving very slowly behind me when I was walking down some otherwise empty street, and do things like suddenly race at me, let the siren rip, and brake at the sidewalk right where I am, with no other cars around, as if they were about to jump out and grab me, show up around corners when I walked in the direction of the library or supermarket or back, such as one left, one right, that sort of thing. Not just once or twice, but repeatedly.

    They’ve done stuff like that before, in 2009/2010. In those days, they even managed to circle around me with three cars at once, one time. When I later brought it up when I was at a police station, the officer acted all insulted and said that they had no time for such stuff. But half the population or Portsmouth knows that they pull this crap, and the officers seem to have kept themselves more or less in check since then. (I’ve also had a police officer wolf-whistle at me right after I had moved to my present address, in the same town, but that is stuff of a different nature.) Some time lat year, the crap they pull on the streets started up again.

    Portsmouth has the highest CCTV density in the UK, so that’s how police are able to do this. (It’s police officers who monitor those camera screens.) Sometimes, it’s almost like a ballet. Choreographed.

    On one occasion a while ago, someone knocked on my door but had not rung the doorbell downstairs – usually a dead giveaway of dishonest intentions – and as I walked to the door, I heard someone whisper – another giveaway of dishonest intentions – something that sounded like “when she opens the door, you grab her”.

    I don’t know who was at that door that time and it’s also possible that the person in question whispered “when she opens the door, you step back” (meaning, down the stairs and out of my sight). That is not what I heard, but in view of the situation at my door, it’s possible that that is what was said as it’s happened before that someone claiming to be a police officer knocked on my door and was signalled by someone who stood on the stairs, out of my view. (I am not convinced that the person who knocked on my door that time actually was a police officer or if he was, that he was there in an official capacity. At around the same time, we had a police bicycle parked inside the building for some time, too, but no police officers were living in the building.)

    Police have been banging on my door several times after the time when the above-shown note was left too. Instead of ringing my doorbell, they knock on the window of the groundfloor flat and ask those people to let them into the building.

    Although I understand that police officers sometimes need to blow off steam like anyone else, British police have no resources to investigate crime, they say, and stopped investigating crimes against individuals for that reason at least ten years ago, when they demonstrate that they clearly still have plenty of time, vehicles and manpower to hassle people just for fun, it is a big fat loud FUCK YOU in the faces of all council tax payers who’ve been let down by police.

    Why can’t they play racketball (squash) in their free time instead, like I used to do? Or join a kickboxing group or an amateur football club?

    See also this post:

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