Great eye drops

Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops

  • Also available in larger packages if you use them daily.
  • Quick, soothing, effective relief for dry, gritty, irritable eyes
  • Gentle and preservative-free.
  • Contain highest available sodium hyaluronate concentration for eye drops (in 2013 when I first bought them, but this still seems to be the case). Sodium hyaluronate occurs in (on) your eye naturally as well.
  • Also suitable for people wearing contacts.

The excellent packaging makes this product very suitable for occasional use. You won’t have to throw most of it out again soon, as is usual with other types of drops. The purchase price may be higher relative to plain eye drops (that don’t contain hyaluronic acid), but if you use them only occasionally, they are likely cheaper than when you buy a cheaper product, which you will need to discard soon after opening. A big plus is the lack of preservatives, as many people are sensitive to preservatives commonly used in eye drops.

These drops are syrupy because of the highly soothing hyaluronic acid (found in many of our body’s tissues). So when you use them, give them a few minutes to work their way into your eyes and wait for the temporarily blurred vision to disappear.

I purchased mine for the first time around Christmas 2013, when I started using eye medication that was turning my eyes gritty. Their expiry data was July 2015. My Boots branch no longer sells them and last time I needed such eye drops in a hurry, I bought BioTrue by Bausch+Lomb, a bottle with a pump, containing drops that also have a high hyaluronic acid content.

Occasionally, one of my contact lenses will fold and find its way into the crevasse at the top under my upper eye lid. It sucks when that happens. The only solution that works for me is using this type of eye drop – containing a lot of hyaluronic acid – to wash them out. Saline does not do the trick.

I also apply a rubbing/pushing motion on top of my closed eyelid, toward the bridge of my nose. Eventually, the lens will appear in the corner of my eye.

(What can sometimes also help when something gets under the upper eyelid is pulling the upper eye lid down over the lower lid.)

I am not the only one this happens to. Neither are you. One woman even had 27 contact lenses removed from an eye:

As this story shows too, one of the problems with growing older is that we start taking a heck of a lot of stuff for granted because we (are made to) believe (certainly here in the UK) that various kinds of discomfort and malfunction are a natural part of growing older.

But unless you are actually ill or have a particular condition, the only thing you can’t do a lot about is wrinkling of the skin. Everything else should be able to keep working more or less the way it’s always done. Provided you do your bit and look after yourself well.

(Yes, it gets harder, takes more work, more dedication. Some things do change and not all of us have lucky genes. There is an article somewhere about an extremely fit older woman; if I find it again, I’ll post it here, to show what I mean. This is not it – – but it is a very worthwhile read/watch, as is this:

But that’s just an aside.

Anyone can use and benefit from these eye drops.

I don’t like the eye drop bottles with a pump, by the way, because they are clumsy and get eye drops all over my face. And the bottle with any remaining fluid needs to be discarded at some point after opening. But the drops themselves are perfectly fine.

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