The tubs! They’re coming!

Years ago, I had the great pleasure of attending a talk by J. Craig Venter. And as I sat in the audience, looked at the images of metabolic pathways he was displaying on the screen, I suddenly realized I was looking at electronic circuits. Undoubtedly, many others had already seen that before me.

Next I read that some microorganisms use extracellular electron transport, on the sea floor.

And it started to look, to me, like the future may contain tubs of bacteria in our attics or basement spaces. To generate energy for our homes, I mean.

Now that’s happening. That research is underway (methane-producing bioelectrochemical systems, for instance).

I can’t wait to see how this is going to work out in practice.

You can cut the power losses currently sustained during transport to homes, factories and other facilities, but keeping the things running has to be very easy, too. We would also have much fewer power lines that way, which would probably save a bird life or two and the occasional hot air balloon. And it would likely result in much less pollution as is currently still associated with old-fashioned power generation.



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