The effects of fascism: you decide

Yesterday, I was in the middle of posting four tweets about Donald Trump when the news about Barcelona came in.

A U.S. president who had just said that the victims of a similar violent occurrence in the U.S. were as much to blame for what happened as the perpetrators is not in a position to then make a statement in support of the victims in Barcelona and still have any credibility. He has none left, completely lost face a long time ago. So he is no longer able to function. Period.

So I flooded Twitter with tweets, asking people to flood Trump’s timeline with demands to step down (also with the aim of working on his psyche, frankly, because the only way he can still retain a little bit of his self-image is probably by stepping down).

Trump was not aware of the Barcelona attack yet at that point. Twitter thought I was a computer sending out automated tweets – do I really type that fast? – and locked my account, but sent me a voice code so that I could unlock it again.

The United States have a violent cartoon character as acting president.

(Unfortunately, he is also rich. Money is power. Money gets to say and do what it wants and get away wit it. No, money is not evil. Just look at what Bill and Melinda Gates do with theirs, and there are plenty of other examples.)

When Trump’s period in office started, I though that he was either going to run himself into the ground or be assassinated. I didn’t say the latter out loud. Yesterday, someone here in town said the same thing. He said that all it took was, for example, a marine or ex-marine with some kind of long-distance rifle. Trump is hurting too many people, driving too many toward the point at which someone will snap.

This morning, I saw the Washington Post report that a Missouri senator in a moment of frustration had posted, on Facebook, that she hoped Trump would be assassinated. No, that is not appropriate behavior from a senator.  No, I don’t know this senator, but I do know that she is black and that “the Trump train” denies too many people she represents their humanity.

I can understand that it is getting harder and harder for many people to keep their fists in their pockets. How would you respond if someone kept spitting into your face?

Here is one of the comments on her Facebook page.

It is by someone called “Joseph George” (a troll?) and says (just in case the post disappears, as my screen capture does not seem to be working): “This is Obama’s actual legacy: a foul smelling rodent class who vandalizes public property and commits acts of violence against whites. #PresidentDonaldJTrump it is time for action. Declare #blacklivesmatter scum a domestic terrorist organization, arrest and prosecute its leaders.

About a century ago, we had a very bad man in Europe who ended up killing millions and millions and millions of people. Simply because they were from certain countries. Or because they were Roma gypsies, because they were gay or lesbian, disabled, or Jewish.

We let him.

Years later, many people said that they had not known about what had been going on.

We no longer have that excuse. We do know what is going on. No, we can’t and shouldn’t assassinate Donald Trump, but we cannot stand by and watch in silence either. (Thankfully, many Americans seem to be hard at work, using the law to find ways to stop the “Trump train”.)

This is an image I saw in a Utah newspaper, in an article about the “Trump train” cartoons (here).

And this is the image Trump tweeted the other day and then deleted. (I first thought it had actually been made for him, by his people, but apparently, that was not the case.)

Notice how the resistance of the CNN reporter is actually about to derail the “Trump train”?

My grandmother lived through two world wars. She was born at the end of the 19th century and must have been 18 or 19 when World War I started. She was highly politically engaged, always on top of the news, until she passed away in her 90s. I am starting to understand a lot more about that.

I reported and blocked the Twitter accounts of real Donald Trump and of Columbia Bugle. A useless act, I know. But I can’t stand by, watch what happens and later claim that I had no idea what was going on and that that’s why I stayed silent.

(Here in Britain, we have the likes of Nigel Farage and Theresa May and lots of media spitting out Trump’s message, sometimes packaged a little bit smarter, but more times than we should still be comfortable with, or in any case, many more times than I am comfortable with and I am so uncomfortable with it that I am even uncomfortable saying this out loud.)

But I can speak out against what Donald Trump is doing. I wish I could do a lot more, but I am just a lone soul yelling into the desert, it often feels like.