Winter morning energy boost

If you are one of those people who has trouble getting going on dark winter mornings, I have a potentially great tip for you.

Do you have a floor lamp in your bedroom? Do you have one in your main room? And if you work from home, do you have one in your office? Or some kind of other suitable table lamp?

Go find yourself one or more daylight bulbs. Nothing fancy. Just an ordinary daylight bulb, like this one:
Philips LED A60 E27 Edison Screw Cool Day Light Bulb, Frosted, 6500 K, 13 W (100 W)
or this one (bayonet):
Ecozone Biobulb, Energy-Saving Daylight Bulb, Bayonet Cap B22, 25W Equivalent to 100w, 1750 Lumens, Full Spectrum, Daylight White 6500k, Uses 75% Less Energy.
or this one (also bayonet, but this one uses more energy):
AURAGLOW 9w LED B22 Bayonet Light Bulb, Daylight Cool White, 60w EQV
or this one:
Bright Full Spectrum Energy Saver Natural Cool Daylight (6500K) low energy 11w = 55w Edison Screw ES E27good for SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) Compact Twisted Spiral Light Bulb.

(No, I am not talking about seasonal affective disorder and I am not talking about the lighting equipment that is available for treating that.)

In the morning, light helps kick shut down our serotonin production and boost our adrenaline. They go through a daily cycle.

Our morning coffee helps – if you are the morning coffee type – but in midwinter, even my morning coffee is not enough to jump-start my day.

Switching on a daylight lamp in the morning makes me feel much more active – alive, no longer sluggish – from the get-go.

Some of us have another challenge throughout the entire year. My office space happens to get little daylight and I started noticing that I would often be off to a great start until I went from my kitchen into the office and sat down at my desk. So in the morning, I now always switch on a daylight lamp there. It helps a lot!

One word of warning. Although it can be tempting, certainly if you notice the boost in your energy level you get from a daylight lamp, do not leave such a lamp on too late in the day as a habit. Because that can end up making you very sleepy!

It’s a matter of balance. Like most things in life.

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