Thank you, Theresa May, for the hate you encourage

(But not really.)

Another example of what Ms May’s reign is resulting in:

I have a hospital appointment next month and I will likely cancel it and go to an optician instead, and pay for my examination. My eyes require an examination every six months, and my eye condition (pigment dispersion syndrome) makes me very angry and powerless because it really hampers what I can do with my life. It tethers me to fridges, pharmacies and hospitals. (It makes me particularly angry because I was finally free from having to have periods and I was so enjoying that freedom.)

I hate that stupid class system that only the British have and that classifies human beings into lesser and higher humans. I too will never be anything but fourth-rate in Britain. I have tick marks in so many “negative” boxes against me. I will never even be second-rate here and this is currently actively driven by the government here.

After reading what it says in that Metro article, I will definitely cancel my hospital appointment. I have had plenty of state-driven hatred and human rights violations in Britain and am sick of it. I won’t put up with any more of it. Enough is enough.

And I’ll get my eye meds some other way too. (That’ll be the modern variety that does not require refrigeration, by the way.)

Yes, of course, there are worse things than having a stupid eye condition that in itself is quite interesting/funny. But I don’t get to choose whether I have it or not.

So Theresa May wanting to subject me to discrimination on account of it is something I will not stand for. If I put up with abuse without protesting, I become a party to it and just as guilty of my own abuse.

Appointment cancelled. Strangely enough, the message I received in response was “We are grateful for this questionnaire response based on your experience of our services. All completed questionnaires are completely anonymous. Thank you for your support.” The form I used requested many personal details.

For those of you who don’t know that, we foreigners go through an interview process before we get our national insurance number and card. We need it for all sorts of things. It is also on our tax papers, for instance. (But apparently, I can cut the thing in two and throw it out now.)

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Theresa May, for the hate you encourage

  1. Checked cancellation of my hospital appointment this morning. Had not been processed yet, now cancelled and “discharged”. All of this may mean I may not be able to get prescriptions from my GP either, will have to see how that works out. (Person I spoke with seemed to agree with me taking a stance, by the way.)

    For the record, as far as I understand, my medical records would now also go to the Home Office? In any case, whatever they are now required to send to the Home Office would violate medical confidentiality. Thing is, going to the hospital makes people vulnerable enough as it is. Nobody needs these Trump/Hitler-style interventions/procedures on top of whatever their medical requirements are. I can make this choice, and perhaps make a statement – give off a message – in the process. Most people can’t.

    Have contacted a number of private clinics with the following message:

    “Hello, I have pigment dispersion syndrome in both eyes. If I ever have an emergency situation in which my IOP goes up and/or I require surgery, would I be able to access your clinic against payment but without referral? And, are you able to write prescriptions?

    I am Dutch and have been in the UK for 13 years. As I refuse to participate in Theresa May’s violation of my rights – as a matter of principle – and will go to a very well equipped commercial optician from now on instead of to the hospital for my check-ups, I may need to find a solution for my prescriptions for latanoprost as well and for any emergency situation that may occur. Hence my enquiry.

    Thank you for your reply.”

    First response already in.


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