Minimalism, materialism, and morality

Who Loves Kitty

And now I’m going to finish the post I started writing 6 days ago (lol!)  Please forgive me if it’s a little disjointed or repetitive or something!  😉

Minimalism is the trend.  It’s not a new thing; Zen Buddhists and other cultures have been practicing it for years.  But Americans (I admit, I’m not sure about the rest of the world) have suddenly “discovered” it, and like anything else we do, especially anything new and “exotic”, we (collectively speaking) feel the need to do it to excess.  And we have this fetish for politicizing things.  Yes, including minimalism.

I would like to inject a little sanity into the wayward convo; can I get an amen?

Let’s start at the beginning.  What’s minimalism, anyway?  Well, according to The Minimalists themselves (the self-proclaimed spokespeople for the subject, although I will give them a hats-off for humor!  They’re kinda funny)…

…They don’t actually…

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