“We need to talk about this” – updated version

I am wrapping up the much improved version of “We need to talk about this“. There is now a chapter on euthanasia, for instance, with a discussion of the Groningen Protocol.

I didn’t write this book to convince you that my views are the right ones, even though I hope you will agree with many of them. I wrote this book to encourage as many people as possible to develop their own opinions in these areas, to go beyond impassioned exclamations like “this is so wrong” or “this is very good” and to make their opinions known to their governments and  academics, and to discuss these issues with their friends, relatives and colleagues.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Selection of gametes, embryos and fetuses
3. Accepting ourselves
4. Alternative considerations
5. Technological mistakes
6. Lives not worth living
7. Guideline for eugenics
8. Euthanasia
9. Past and present lessons
10. Conclusions
11. More information
—- Articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs
—- Courses
—- Scholarly articles and reports
—- Videos
About the author

The tone of my writing varies strongly throughout this book and some people will want to skip certain passages or even whole chapters. My book’s target group contains adults who are not in the field of bioethics as well as some who are. They have all sorts of educational backgrounds and interests, but they have in common that they hold matters of life and death dear and care about our future.

That means that anyone who picks up this book likely will really want to read it and should be finding enough bits and pieces that appeal to him or her. I hope that this will entice everyone to work through the other material as well, even if some of it may appear terribly esoteric at first or not relating to one’s own country.

This is also why I have added such a rich variety of resources at the end. I’ll already be very happy if someone accesses this book, and does nothing else with it other than to consume all the TED Talks I’ve added or all the newspaper articles and use that to develop his or her own position with regard to these topics or at least start thinking about them much more often.

You can pre-order, if you want. Pick any price if you’d like an electronic version. Pick a higher price if you want the print version as I’ll already be sending free copies to various people and organizations and don’t have unlimited resources.

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