We need to talk about this

Hi there, welcome to this website and blog. I am the person who wrote “We need to talk about this”.

I’ve just wrapped up the much improved new edition. (See also this post, for the time being.)

In this book, I discuss matters of life and death, such as abortion, designer babies and euthanasia, all within the context of the new eugenics.

This counts as “bioethics”, a challenging combination of ethics, law, philosophy (which is the basis of law) as well as science & technology and policy. It includes human rights issues such as discrimination and questions regarding the rights of animals. Rights generally come at the cost of duties, namely for starters the duty to respect the rights of other beings. Without duties, there can be no rights.

“We need to talk about this” is globally available in print and as Kindle version from Amazon, from Britain to Japan. It will also soon be available as e-book from various other online retailers across the world.

Because the topic is vitally important, I wrote the first version in a big hurry and published it in early 2017.

Then I revised it thoroughly and expanded it. There is now also a chapter on euthanasia, for example, with a discussion about the Groningen Protocol.


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