The challenges of publishing a book

Well, of course, after I thought I had weeded out all the typos, added a reference that I was sure I had already added, and tweaked the new cover for the print version sufficiently, I still found a missing space, and one or two missing words in the proof. That’s how it goes!

Anyway, it’s available from Amazon now, both as print and as Kindle version. Other online retailers will follow soon.

In my book, I mention that I have worked with hot concentrated strong acids. Well, one day, I stupidly managed a get a drop of acid onto my jeans. (Yes, I was wearing a lab coat.) I still have the jeans! I’ve meanwhile covered the hole.

In the book, I also mention my mother who passed away in 1975, when I was 14. Advanced metastasised breast cancer. What I didn’t mention was that she was misdiagnosed not once but twice. The first time probably cost her her life. “Just a milk gland.” The second time put her through an immense amount of unnecessary pain. (She was sent to physical therapy, but the problem was caused by metastases in her bones.)

I also nearly lost my youngest sister after a misdiagnosis, but it was a very common one. She had appendicitis, but it was mistaken for a bladder problem.

Writing this book was so hard, it plunged me into a bad depression at some point. Not because of personal stuff, but because reading up on eugenics is a depressing activity. Not very cheerful. The tone of the book is not one of overall depression, however.



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