Sadistic stalking

Sorry this post rambles quite a bit, but if you read it carefully, you will get the various points.

In my book “We need to talk about this“, I mention sadistic stalking (description below). That is, I point out how difficult it is to tell that the target of such activities is not imagining things, is not mentally ill.

To be specific, if you describe someone else’s “crazy” and “crazy-making” behaviour, you are likely going to be the one who sounds and is deemed to be crazy.

I give the example of the woman who was stalked for a long time and eventually found the excavated remains of her deceased husband dumped on her doorstep. She had a heart attack. In my book, I take you through a few scenarios that put you in such a woman’s shoes to show you various sides of what are in fact “mental health” prejudices. People assess other people’s mental health on the basis of what they think sounds crazy just like they assess other people’s beauty¬† on the basis of what they they think is beautiful. Continue reading