Being attacked while sitting on a bench

I just found out about the incident in Bury St. Edmunds in which a woman had been attacked with eggs and flour. (An American told me about it. He’d read about it on Facebook.)

I saw that a comedian made himself part of the problem. Not only did he call out for the same proverbial hyena-like ganging up in which people who had nothing to do with the incident were or are still getting attacked and he called the 49-year-old woman OLD. Misogyny 101 in action, among other things.

Police seem to be making things worse by saying little more than that the incident occurred “after a verbal altercation”, which somehow manages to convey the suggestion that the woman was partly to blame for what happened.

British police are often CLUELESS, and also often bloody aggressive! (But hey, that seems to go for police all over the world these days.)

Sure. She existed. So she was “to blame”! Had she not existed, she would not have gotten attacked. it’s as simple as that.

Gimme a break!

I have seen that the woman has meanwhile spoken out and is very worried about possible backlash.

I know what that feels like. I was an old woman of 46 when I was attacked while sitting on a bench reading and annotating a report about forensics in the Netherlands, in England.

Three lads had been hassling me earlier when I was sitting in the sunshine near the water and I had told them to piss off. Verbal altercation in place. Me old woman. Me must know proper place and not tell lads to get lost. Me bad.

I was worried nevertheless, and left, then opted for a nearby bench along the road. The lads had disappeared too.

A short while later, I suddenly had water, sand and stones pelted at me. The three lads had gotten two more lads.

Two stones hit my head.

Once again, I got up, gathered my things and left.

As I was walking away, I encountered a woman roughly my own age and I warned her, told her that I had just gotten attacked and that they might go for her too. She scoffed at me in a way that was very telling.

(I know now that when Brits don’t talk with you, they tend to do tons of talking about you. Oh the stories they can tell you about you! Back then, I was only starting to discover that.)

I was scared, I was angry. I wanted to hide. I wanted to disappear from sight. I couldn’t. I was afraid, worried about more crap from anonymous people around me.

I did get in touch with police. I am pretty sure that I told them not to bother. I did not want MORE attention, I wanted less. I also had the feeling that at least one of the later added lads had been dragged into the whole thing and was relatively innocent.

Police officers should know and understand that victims of violence are scared and angry and afraid and confused and often bloody lonely too after an attack like that. But they rarely do. Too often, all police officers want is to charge people and batter them like blind bulls and accuse and be as judgemental and aggressive as possible and get their arrest records and prosecution records up.

I fumed about the incident in e-mails. I did no work at all for a few days. (I seemed to have a mild concussion and one of the bumps on my head hurt when I rested.)

A few days later, some of the same lads – the instigators – were sitting on the wall in front of my flat. The wall that was part of the 10-flat building in which I was living. That’s how confident they were that they could do whatever the hell they wanted to.

That happened in 2007.

So now, I find that once again I am angry about the same stupid stuff.

Misogyny 101.

I am disgusted with the police talking about a verbal altercation, and I am also disgusted with the social media “star”.

Sometimes I wonder if being female and not publicly owned by a male is enough to get you attacked in England.

But everyone who is disabled and gets abuse flung at him or her or gets attacked thinks it is about that, and if you’re not white, you think it is about that and if you are red-haired, you think it’s that.


In reality, it often has to do with inequality and poverty. Because that is what gets the parents of lads who do crazy stuff like that to spout hateful nonsense at home about other adults in their neighbourhood. Because they need to get rid of their own powerlessness and they don’t know how to do it other than to punch each other or badmouth people they don’t know.

Kids take their cues from that. And then they grow up and attack one of the adults their parents had been gossiping about.

Get rid of that inequality, plant more trees, create more public gardens and small parks in urban areas and apparently, you already improve things big time.

And maybe we should also create an island to which we can deport all the Tories so that they can be happy too and not have to deal with the horror of living among the plebs. Maybe we can create such a Tory paradise island from plastic waste?








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