I’ve got a nerve

I’ve got a nerve, don’t I, talking about disabled people – a phrase I dislike, by the way, because it suggests that disabled people are not capable of functioning in any way – in my book “We need to talk about this” and in my course “Bioethics – the ethics of everyday life” without having any experience with disabilities?

It’s a little bit more nuanced like that. In this video, I tell you where I am coming from, to some degree.

However, I am also aware that mainstream people structurally underestimate the quality of life of people who are non-mainstream, physically speaking. (Cancer is an illness, not a “disability”.)

The wobbly white balance in the video is my doing. The camera automatically switches its white balance setting back to “auto” and I sometimes forget to switch it to “fluorescent” again.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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