For the people who live near me

I was the one who changed the name of my phone, to make clear who I am in the local air and what my status is.

(13 January 2019: by the way, it’s helped somewhat. as I haven’t received any spoofed WhatsApp messages since.)

I have been a target of hacking of lots and lots of equipment for more than ten years. It follows me around, from address to address.

As part of my university training, I have had a bit of UNIX and TurboPascal, I used to write the html and a bit of scripting for very large websites entirely in txt files in NotePad, and 12 or 13 years ago, I built a computer from scratch that worked instantly (to my own amazement). So even though I am old, I am not a complete idiot in this area, although I am hampered in practical ways these days, hence technologically vulnerable. However, some of the access likely was achieved by someone shimmying the locks to my flat when I was out. (Entrance and presence confirmed several times, yes.)

Current access by third parties to my PC is “wired”, via electrical circuit. (Yes, that mode of access has been confirmed for this case.)

It is a complicated situation, with pluses and minuses (and lots of “flying monkeys”, people who get paid to or tricked into messing with my life one way or another). Most of the time, I think of the main people behind all of this as “my siblings”. That also helps keep my stress levels down. They “don’t break the rules, but rewrite them”. It serves no purpose to say more about them because it would mainly make you freak out.

But I have to look after myself, of course.

I’d had a brief respite from the usual interference on Christmas day in the afternoon, and I’d just had another respite, of two days, and it was bliss.

This afternoon, this little pause ended and I decided to grab some control back by posting this and changing my phone’s name.

I will likely get “punished” in some way for this action. So be it. It’s happened before. Usually something is done to my HD.

(They see it as a kind of ping pong game. )

Also, Hampshire Police has known about this for many years, but cannot justify the considerable expense it would take to tackle this (as it would require specialist expertise, possibly from a unit in Netley) and I doubt that it would really solve anything, so no worries, there is nothing anyone can do or has to do.

I am fine!

The Chinese might say that I lead an interesting life. I’d say that I lead a life in which I not only learn a lot, but also learn a lot of different things.

So/and for now, Happy New Year!


One thought on “For the people who live near me

  1. For more information, see this video (with a very open, highly intelligent yet also often highly manipulative sadistic narcissist called Sam Vaknin; there are many videos by him and you need to be selective about accepting what he says in them) and also the video under that.

    Before you, reader, freak out… it turns out that people with NPD and particularly with Vaknin’s kind of NPD simply need other people to carry out their ego functions for them, including empathy. So they seek out the people that they think will help them be the best they can be, but it tends to confuse them because they don’t understand, and then often the opposite happens.

    Once you realize how this whole puzzle fits together, it suddenly all makes sense and becomes much less scary and confusing, and actually maybe even quite nice in an ET-kinda way (I haven’t seen the film).


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