Sally Challen should be free

Sally Challen is a woman who killed her husband (see link below). She went to jail. Her two sons, among other people, say she should be freed. I agree.

At some point in the past, Britain (or should I say England?) embraced a narcissistic culture that glorifies cruelty as exhibited by people like her husband and vilifies and ridicules people like Sally Challen. It left her with no other option. If you are on your own, you can simply kill yourself to escape and not worry about how much more damage will be done to others after you’re gone. If you have children, you often can’t.

Her husband sounds like someone with malignant or sadistic narcissistic personality disorder, perhaps with psychopathy thrown in, a brain-based condition that he bore no blame for.

The fact that British culture glorifies the kind of behaviour that it results in, in combination with the stigma on mental health issues, means that there was no support for Sally’s husband and none for Sally either.

Take a hard look at yourself before condemning people like Sally or her husband.

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