Am I paranoid?

Many people are still incredibly naive when it comes to using modern technology. Their awareness is literally decades behind.

Last year, someone accused me, in a rather vicious manner, of being paranoid because of the disclaimers I use in e-mails. As a result, I decided to include in my disclaimers that I follow the example and advice of the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which uses a similar disclaimer.

When I try to talk about issues like these, some people mistakenly believe that I am accusing them of being hackers and spoofers, because they don’t understand the concepts. Once, when I tried to improve my security by adding encryption to my e-mail, someone wrote back to me that the person’s boyfriend had said that PGP encryption was a virus so thanks but no thanks. This, however, concerns people who aren’t running businesses.

If you have a business that provides services, and you use e-mail, computers and a phone, you have a professional obligation to be somewhat aware of the risks associated with digital or electronic equipment, in my opinion, if only to acknowledge that you may not be able to protect your business sufficiently. It’s not just your own interests, but also your clients’ interests that are at stake here.

Businesses all over the world lose lots of money because of spoofed e-mails, tricking them into for example paying bills into accounts that belong to scammers. News sites such as the BBC’s and the Guardian’s feature this from time to time.

It is a myth that only huge businesses like Sony get tricked or hacked. It is a myth that only people in their 80s and 90s get scammed or hacked. It is also a myth that most women barely know where to find their computer’s off/on switch.

I invite all the disbelievers out there to take a look at Ivan Liljeqvist’s LinkedIn profile. Ivan is a programmer, a developer, a cryptocurrency analyst. This is what it says today (screen shot):

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