Manjoo was right

UN inspector Rashida Manjoo’s analysis a few years ago was spot on.

In my nearly 15 years in Britain, this is my own experience and impression:

Women should be seen, not heard. Be decorative, keep their mouths shut.  They are assessed for their what the Brits call fuckability and their willingness to obey men.

Women who are not docile enough get bullied into submission in Britain. They terrorize them relentlessly, to try and break them, make them pliable and obedient. Scared and timid. The way a proper Englishwoman should behave.

They’re fuckable disposable punching bags in Britain. Also when Brits compare them to flowers. Especially when they do. It declares them useable, disposable. It is something to stamp on, something of which you can chop the heads off, like you see in the parks, sometimes.

And how they detest educated women! Because they can’t stamp them into the ground as easily. So they send those death threats and rape threats. For example, if they suggest putting a woman’s face on a new pound note. Sometimes, they actually do kill them, too. Because they are considered “women who do not know their place”.

While they point the finger at other nations and people from those nations, and at Muslims!

Most Brits are members of the Mu Mux Man – the misogynist version of the KKK – and proud of it.

I am NOT a fuckable disposable punching bag who should keep her mouth shut and adopt an attitude of subservient submission to men! I am a human being!

I am sick of needing permission in triplicate from three British males to just be allowed to BE. I effectively died on 20 December 2004. From then on, my life’s been that of a lab primate, more or less. It sucks! It’s so messed up!

I am sick of constantly being threatened for being female and “not knowing my place as a female”. I am sick of having to live in fear all the time. I’ve said it many times before: It’s better to be dead than in Britain (certainly if you’re an emancipated educated woman).

And me standing up for myself as a human being does NOT mean that I should be put into a straightjacket to accomplish my docility! (That too is still pretty common in Britain, I bet, but I haven’t actually looked into it.)

But, is Holland going the same way? Going back a bazillion years in time instead of evolving further? I hope not! Krijgen we nou ook Britse toestanden in Nederland, godverdegodver?




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