More IT stuff

Since a few days, my computer gives me a “running out of space” warning when I boot into Linux. A large chunk of media is taking up space in the root, and I can’t access it. It’s happened before, about a year ago, when the junk took up so much space that my operating system ran out of space to operate in. (Had to explain that to a client who felt that whoever is doing this should learn to behave/communicate in a more mature way.)

That time, I was eventually able to find and access the material and found lots of short videos that looked like they were of my thighs (it was hot, like now) and taken with my mobile.

I wasn’t able to take a screenshot of the warning message, so I used my camera. The available disk space is decreasing, by the way. This “theme” has been played on my PCs many times in the past ten years, of my disk or USB stick running out of space. What to make of it? No idea. This game is playing in someone else’s mindset or thoughts. I am a mere pawn in it. The purpose, as far as I can tell, is to cause fear and loss.

Maybe I should mention that the person (or persons) who’s been pestering me for so long, has been hacking into everything that I own for over ten years, does not only hack software but also hardware… (If you can do that, you can make a harddisk stop functioning and appear faulty.)

In the screenshot image under that (taken in root), you can see that I cannot access the directory that supposedly takes up all the space.

I checked the harddisk and it’s fine.

So I went into super user and deleted the write-protected “offending” directory, whatever was in it.

But I am still getting the stupid error message. And it also popped up once with 100 MB less.

So the message is fake? Just to get a rise out of me? Probably! (Seen something similar before, many times. I think I know what’s behind it.)


I guess this image of the scientist and the troll sort of sums up the situation!

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