Seriously, “Charles/Charlie/Lee” or whoever this is, you need (professional) help. Support that helps you in such a way that you are more at peace and less at war with random individuals such as myself. Are you willing to sit down and talk about this? Or are any people in your immediate environment?

I want and deserve to be allowed to live MY LIFE in peace!!! I am not your lab experiment rabbit, thank you very much. 

I think I more or less get your pathology, but I have a right to my life too, you know. (That goes for other people as well.)

For others: Currently, most of my days start with him causing my PC to reboot several times and taking it through a “bells, whistles and lights” circus. He’s done that before. The rest of the day, he is relatively quiet at the moment, interfering off and on, but no bells, lights and whistles.  The noise and flashes indicate that he is angry and that can be because, for example, I switched my PC on later than he had hoped.

Right now (this afternoon), he was stopping me from printing my LinkedIn profile for some reason. Earlier (some days ago), he was popping up nonsense windows. He has been popping one up standard for 2-3 weeks now (a recurrent theme for him; has been going on for years and I still have no idea what it is about other than, eh, a form of playing troll), also one recent weekend taunting me so much, messing with what I was doing so much, that I ended up terrified. Or should that be “petrified”? 

I understand that he can’t help what he does, but he’s made my life almost completely unlivable (socially, professionally, financially – in other words: in practical terms) and has caused massive losses of every imaginable kind (including that of my possessions in Florida, which still hurts). We all need something to live for, and he’s been taking those things away from me, and I don’t like it much (understatement; I used to cry and cry and cry over the immense loss of my life that he caused, but I don’t have any tears left, and anyway, I am utterly powerless with regard to what he does, anyway, no matter where I go or what I do). 

People don’t want to hear about my hacker. That alone isolates enormously. 

How do I escape? When I can, I get out of Portsmouth and take no electronic gadgets such as a mobile with me… and do largely unexpected things if I can. Then I can BREATHE for a few hours.

But I usually dread having to go back to Portsmouth again.

Sometimes, I will walk around for hours in another town, just to be able to postpone having to go back again.


6 thoughts on “Hacker!!!!

  1. Okay, it’s helped somewhat. The quickest way to make him take off is usually literally yelling very loudly “I hate you!”, sadly.

    Another complication is that his hacking really messes up my computer operating system’s functioning. (He’s apologized for that in the past.) He seems to be focused on three main things:

    Getting what he wants, which is watching what I do and listening to my voice and other sounds;
    Protecting himself by for example quickly disabling my screenshot functionality, which has happened multiple times after he wrote something that he did not want me to show to the world;
    Getting me what HE THINKS I want and / or stopping me from doing things I want to do because HE THINKS I should not do them.

    (The latter concerns a wide range of things such as stopping me from e-mailing old contacts/ relatives or collecting knowledge from various sources merely to store away and keep up to date on developments in the world, mostly because he does not understand my way of working, which is highly “3D-networked”, or because he misinterprets my intention, such as printing something for my own use versus printing something to send to someone else. I love love love my brain of which the capacities are in the world’s top 3%, after all, and which is always working in the background to protect – certainly physically – and support me so that for example when I briefly think I have lost something, I usually find that I haven’t at all because my subconscious brain knows that I will need it and ensures that I will have it when I need it, even in chaotic circumstances – though there are practical limits to this, of course. So when someone tries to mess with that, I am not a happy camper. Though he occasionally IS helpful, his interference is often like a toddler hitting you in the face or throwing buckets of water into your face while you’re working, which can be to meet a deadline or merely when I want to be able to concentrate.)

    He has on occasion also switched off my equipment when he felt that I was tired and should go to bed. That has been helpful at times – yes! – but it’s also happened when I was 5 minutes away from wrapping up a project and in that case, not only did it then take 30 minutes more or so, I’d also be terribly tense instead of happy, content and relaxed.

    Bottom line remains: I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!

    If the person wants to be in my life in any kind of real, genuine and helpful capacity, I suggest he takes a different approach.


  2. Also, I discovered a while ago that a bank card that was stolen from me a few years ago – along with three other cards in the same period of about three months, one of which was a replacement – is still listed as active and I can’t seem to get it removed from my account.


  3. Okay, yesterday (or the past 24 hours) was better. When I went into Windows to do a scan of my portable HD, he turned out to have already planned it for me, at the exact same time. When it works out like that, it’s really nice. This scan takes between 12 and 24 hours, so it is not something I do often, but it was needed.

    The weird popups in my other OS were intended to be helpful as well, as it turns out, and weren’t (British-style) euphemisms for a change. (Looks like he controls “root”; I can’t access it, and all my observations fit with that idea, too.)

    It all remains extremely controlling behaviour, of course. My computers and I were perfectly fine until this dude stumbled upon me one day, one way or another, over 11 years ago.


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