Holy shit

Something I ran into on Twitter a while back…

If you search the web on the topic, you’ll find that landlords have a whole range of tactics up their sleeve to force someone to leave. This includes installing neighbors who are expected to make the tenant leave for various reasons – for example because of their dog or because they’re gay – or who try to burden the tenant with a negative reputation.

What do I mean by the latter?

Here is an example. In cheap housing, you can make a lot of noise that is guaranteed to wake up a tenant multiple times overnight, night after night after night, but that is not loud enough to classify as a nuisance. An example is sounds of gunshots fights. Bound to wake you up every time.

So after several nights of that, of waking up multiple times per night, you’re bound to be a little bit, eh, irritable and irritated, right? So you may tell your neighbor in no uncertain terms to cut the crap, after which said neighbor may inform you that he has a friend who is a cop under a speed dial button on his phone and he’ll complain about you. And he’ll keep complaining about you until the landlord has an official reason to force you to leave.


That is the kind of stuff I found online when I searched after I saw a tweet in my timeline that included that Reddit pic.

<sarcasm>Of course, nobody in Portsmouth would ever engage in this type of behaviour.</sarcasm>.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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