What good has the human species brought to the world?

Uh oh! I can’t think of even one single thing. Can you?

I went on a walk yesterday, at some point on my way back looked at species who’d been here much longer than humans when we arrived on the planet, and had to conclude that humans haven’t added even one positive thing. We’ve only brought destruction.

I said this out loud to a gull, after he or she had first left its spot because I was approaching. I said that I was sorry for the destruction we have wrought, the damage we have done to their world, to their lives. I felt grief. How can we ever apologize enough to other species for what we’ve done?

It was almost as if the animal was surprised, initially that I was speaking to it, that I was acknowledging its existence as more than just an object. (I’ve seen that kind of surprise in the eyes of birds from close-by, yes.)

In view of the remarkable skills and intelligence of birds, who knows, this gull may even have understood what I said. (How would we humans know that they don’t? We’re the dumbest species on the planet.)

It slowly moved back to the shore after I walked on.

The only species not worth saving is us. Now go ponder that…


This woman, on the other hand, has brought more good to the world than most people, by the looks of it.


For one thing, she helps birds. The BBC’s “hidden talent” angle in this story is disgusting. “They could have hidden talents just like Emily Zamourka.” I feel like smacking – but I won’t because it is not my thing – whoever it was who wrote that line. What kind of person are you  – or how immensely in-experienced, perhaps, do you have to be – when you look at living beings that way?

After all…

“All living beings are entitled to respect and should be treated not as means but as ends in themselves.”

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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