How can you survive when politicians feed everyone lies about you?

British politician Michael Gove  – that’s the one who looks like Goofy – has cranked up the hate narrative to win the hate vote for the Conservatives in the coming election. He’s openly saying that EU citizens living in the UK do not pay taxes, hence do not contribute financially to the NHS, ergo to the UK as a whole – and that we get preference over UK citizens at hospitals.

Matt Hancock was seen supporting this, on Twitter, when David Lammy stood up for the truth. (Thank you, David.)

That’s sickening.

  • EU citizens make a substantial contribution to the UK (over 20 billion in the past decade). We do pay taxes and we do help keep the NHS alive.

  • See
  • UK citizens are a net draw on the UK.
  • Non-EU citizens are a net draw as well, but nobody is suggesting an exit from the Commonwealth. Why is that?
  • (By the way, Commonwealth citizens can become MPs here, but EU citizens cannot. Why is that?)
  • UK citizens living in other EU countries have access to healthcare too, in those other countries.

When James O’Shaughnessy was health minister he pulled the same stunt, twice. And the Evening Standard and The Guardian let him get away with it because he did it very sneakily.


I find this very worrisome.

  • Gove’s shite resembles the Nazi-style narrative about Jewish people in the run-up to the Second World War.

  • This shite comes from the same brand of politicians who occasionally suggest that poor Brits should be sterilized, such as MP Ben Bradley. Councillor David Smith added that they should be washed, too. Toby Young, in addition, attended a secretive old-style eugenics conference.

  • It comes from the same brand of politicians who claimed that the American professor who specializes in human rights… was saying this for political reasons… when he concluded that the UK government is screwing its own citizens to hell and back after he investigated the situation in the UK where he talked with lots of people. (Philip Alston)

  • And in spite of this, many British citizens gobble up this shite that people like Michael Gove and Nigel Farage spoon-feed them. Because they find the idea that their own politicians are screwing them too hard to accept, and that is understandable. It is too uncomfortable.

    Your government should be looking out for you, after all, and you should be able to rely on that.

    So, it’s much easier and more logical to blame everything on EU citizens (certainly when politicians tell you that you should), even if it’s actually the result of what UK politicians do to their own citizens.

  • Conclusion? EU citizens are a threat to the Conservatives and also to UKIP and to other political extremists because we are empowered citizens who come from countries with much less inequality, higher levels of education, less poverty and higher wages, and we tell it like it is. 

Guy Verhofstadt and others have stood up for us too.

(Have you ever seen a Tory politician stand up for his or her own citizens?)

First, we were all thieves, liars and drug addicts with fake passports and fake university degrees. (I have been getting that shite thrown into my face for 15 years.) And we only came to the UK to claim the UK’s lavish benefits that they don’t have in other countries (yeah, right), even though EU citizens can’t claim benefits until they’ve been living and working here for several years, but politicians never correct their own lies, do they? And as you saw in the graph above, even then they don’t but contribute and contribute and contribute.

Now this again. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Enough with the lies. Enough!


2 thoughts on “How can you survive when politicians feed everyone lies about you?

  1. For the record:
    – I have an eye condition called pigment dispersion syndrome that requires a checkup every 6 months and I haven’t had one in years because it was one way in which I could protest against all the hate that various UK governments have been whipping up against “my kind”. I keep an eye on it myself. I do get eye drops from the NHS (for which I pay the usual contribution of close to £9). Because I run the risk of going blind if I don’t take those and my eyes sort of “freeze” when my lenses hit the irises all the time.
    – I have had two totally frozen shoulders and arms, which I sorted out on my own. It took many months but I got there.
    – I have had pneumonia for which I didn’t see my GP either – because it was not necessary because it was viral and proceeded by the book. It was painful and knocked me out for a long time, but I survived.
    – I used to check my breasts for lumps but stopped doing that years ago because if I had a lump, I would not see my GP because why would I go to a hospital here when more (mostly government-ordered) hate would be literally the last thing I would need in such circumstances and likely one of the first things I would encounter? No way, Jose. No way. My mother died of breast cancer but she died young so I haven’t gotten her kind and that’s good enough for me these days. (Also, breast scans for women mostly reflect misogyny, not necessarily medical wisdom.)

    Thankfully, I am blessed with a wonderful brain and a thorough education and I use both.

    If I was your mother, Matt Hancock and Michael Gove, I would box your ears because I did not teach you to lie.

  2. When my GP accidentally (or not…, sigh) ticked the box for urea in a blood test, the rumour was spread around town that I was imagining that I had kidney disease. (The person working at my GP’s office who was behind this did later apologize to me but that apology was as fake as hell. For starters, why do it in the first place? She no longer works at my GP practice because it got bought up by a large chain and there were staff changes. I didn’t bother informing my GP practice about what had happened because, hey, I am a “delusional old cow” anyway, so why bother.)

    My immune values were slightly off, which later turned out to have to do with stuff going on in my lungs. Some local people also made fun of me because of my frequent coughing. (Not everyone. Of course not. One guy looked at me with concern and understanding/recognition one day when I took a breath and he heard me wheeze, for example. Not everyone in Portsmouth is spreading hate like the plague but too many people are.)

    The year before that, the suggestion was made to me that I had blood cancer.

    That is how far the local hate sometimes goes, the anger toward “strangers”.

    And British politicians keep whipping it up…

    Little kids too young to understand what the hell it is about have been told to go back to another country at the gates of their schools because their parents are from EU countries…

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