“Led by donkeys” has finally come to Portsmouth!



MP slammed over ‘fat city’ slur
Outspoken Conservative MP Boris Johnson has been criticised for labelling Portsmouth as a city full of drugs and obesity.
The comments were made in Mr Johnson’s motor column in men’s magazine, GQ.


I had already been adding my own version.


Boris Johnson:

“Shut this down! Shut this down!”



I refer you to my previous post. Britain has a massive amount of deep poverty. A shocking level of poverty for a western country. Many of those people are chronically ill or disabled. Was it their fault that they weren’t born with a diamond-crusted golden spoon in their mouth?

Boris Johnson (my translation):

“Fuck those many millions of people, and fuck their kids too. It is simply too easy to make money off them for ourselves if we keep them poor, so for god’s sake, let’s keep them poor and powerless.”

And stupid and blinkered, Mr Johnson?



I repeat, social care is for:

children or adults in need or at risk, or adults with needs arising from illness, disability, old age or poverty

Everyone who has been to this website a few times knows that I too often get really angry at anonymous people in Portsmouth because of the crap they pull on me. Many people here have a bizarre sense of humour and they pull it on anyone without realizing how destructive the effects can be, let alone that the things they pull on other people only make sense to themselves, not to anyone else. (What can I say? Portsmouth is a very dense population on a small island off the south coast of England, which is on a much larger island that is known for its insularity and its desire to want to isolate itself from the rest of the world, with the obvious exception of Scotland.)

But that does not mean that an MP (now also Prime Minister) who was and isn’t even living here should get to do that too.

Portsmouth is also one of Britain’s naval towns (with ferries to and from many destinations and a big shipbuilding history). It paid its price for that position in the past to help keep the rest of Britain safe. And it is still paying that price today, Mr Johnson.

One of the things that has surprised me most after having moved to Britain but that I rarely mention is that so many Brits actually feel little or no pride with regards to their country, don’t really feel that it is a good place to live, for themselves. In conversations with Brits, for example, when people asked me how I felt about the UK, whether I liked it here, Brits almost always indicated that they felt that there isn’t a lot that is good about living in Britain. Or they wished me good luck and said that many before me had tried to make things better here.

(This may also be where many of the anti-migrant sentiments come from. There is a general feeling that there is not enough to go around.)

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