Remember that nothing is impossible

  • (from the CNN site, 13 December 2019)

    For a very long time, it was thought that the earth was a flat disc and anyone who believed anything else was considered a heretic.

We now know that its shape is that of a slightly flattened ball.

  • (from one of my walls)

    Scientists used to believe that it was impossible for trivalent manganese to exist in aqueous solutions. It was considered too unstable and manganese in solution was assumed to be either quadrivalent or divalent.

We now know that certain fungi release enzymes that are able to complex and thereby stabilise trivalent manganese in solution. Because it enables them to use trivalent manganese as a tool.

And Joanne Rowling was once a destitute single mother on benefits, as was Caroline Buffery. Alan Sugar didn’t exactly come from money either (and neither did Hilary Devey who has suffered a lot of hardship).

So here you have three (four) people who are now doing something they love (writing, research, entrepreneurship, enjoying the fruits of previous hard work) and who are supporting themselves by doing what they love. They couldn’t have predicted that when they started out.

Nothing is impossible.

Success in life is not about the accumulation of money for the sake of accumulating money, though. Money is a tool. Some people already have it available when they are born, many don’t.

A lot in life is the result of good luck, and good luck could be just around the corner.

Even I, I have lived in sunny balmy lovely Florida, which I could never have foreseen when I was younger. Having lived in Florida is a little treasure that is now part of my mental wealth.

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