*tears hair out*

My tweet – obviously intended as typically British humour, i.e. sarcasm – has meanwhile been liked by a second Brexit party supporter, followed by another apparently anti-foreigner (and racist) tweeter. (Are they taking the mickey?)

But I see enough in Bob’s tweets to realize that there is actually something there to work with. (I can’t rule out that he is only pretending to be pro-Brexit.)

So many Brits have been brainwashed into thinking that if they withdraw from football, it means they’ve won the game instead of being out of it.

One Brexit Party MEP very recently made clear that she still has no idea what Brexit actually is, the MEP regretting that the UK will no longer be represented in the EU.

And then there is pro-Brexit Grimsby, which is seeking an exemption to allow the town to stay in the EU, essentially.

They all seem to have the idea that Brexit means something like “telling the EU what’s what and showing them who’s boss” by deciding to retreat to the benches but at the same time, expecting to continue to be part of the game.

No, you’re out. You wanted out, so now you’re out. You’ve benched yourself permanently.

And a fourth… At least this one feels EU citizens deserve support, in spite of the fact that he or she seems to be a big Boris fan.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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