Can the anonymous local joker(s) please STOP closing down and transferring my utilities accounts and such, thank you very much?


Some months ago, I suddenly received a message from my energy company that my account was being closed. I called them, found out that someone had transferred me to Bulb, looked into the company and decided to go along with the move to Bulb.

(Also, I would have needed to ask Bulb to reverse the change and by the looks of it, that would have taken months.)

I also received a letter from my water company that my account was being closed, but I suspect that that could have been (inadvertently) caused by for example the people who work at the motorcycle shop next door (because in this town everybody seems to think that they know all about me whereas in reality nobody in this town knows me).

When I logged into Bulb to change my e-mail address, I found a note in my account that that account was being closed too. If I had not logged in, I would not have known.

In addition, while I received confirmation that Bulb will from now on use the new e-mail address, it continued to send mail to the old e-mail address and the e=mails are once again coming from “C”.

This would be an innocent fluke were it not that I’ve had over 11 years of this kind of thing.

I have received an e-mail, on my old address, with a phone number to call for the next company, one that I have never heard of either. When I tried to call them, it turned out that they had a major problem that day, with apparently many customers having no electricity.

There’s more. Apparently, my energy is actually supplied by Eon, not by Bulb.


As many people know, I became the target of a destructive phenomenon described as sadistic stalking by forensic psychologist Lorraine Sheridan since 9 June 2008. I have filed numerous reports with Hampshire Police but British police no longer investigate crimes unless it concerns murder.

In the course of these activities, a rotary cutting tool was used to kill and hurt animals, to spite me. There have also been numerous burglaries, as a result of which I can no longer leave my flat unless very briefly.

I am being messed with just about 24/7. As far as I know, the person doing this is a hacker who makes a living trading with algorithms and so he has plenty of time on his hands.

I am often unable to make phone calls and there is no guarantee that if I dial that number, I won’t end up speaking with the person who is doing this to me, as this has happened many times before. The give-away is usually that the call quality is very low and that I can barely hear what the person is saying, more or less comparable to what calls to the US used to be like decades ago if you happened to have a very bad line.

As far as I know, he goes by the name Charles/Charlie/Lee (last name removed because I suspect that he is police or former police, though I have no idea whether that is his real name).

In his communications with me, he has called himself a dog in a top hat, whatever the hell that means, and many other things.

The activities initially had a very strong anti-American tone and also an anti-Dutch tone, though less so.

It’s possible that he once was married to an American woman who went back to the States.

As far as I can tell, he is a psychopath.

He certainly has friends in the police; every time I stop by at a police station, he knows about it by the end of the day.

When I asked Portsmouth Police if they could help me stage my death so that I could get away without being followed by my stalkers again (there is a second person involved), he called it “brutal” that same evening.

There was also an instance when a car tried to or pretended to run me over and then when I got home, my computer screen had some kind of group on it, saying something like  “if you ever try to leave, I will break your face”.

He can’t help that he is a psychopath as it’s his brain structure that determines this, but that does not mean that my rights can simply be trashed.

(Apparently, he’s changed my e-mail address back to the old address in the Bulb account. This kind of thing has been going on for a long time.)

Some time ago, he seemed to make a reference to a trident of finance, politics and the military. I don’t know what that is about, but it feels destructive.

He has recently been causing lots of extra expenses for me and for years, he has often been taunting me quite viciously.

This needs to stop because I am going to have to kill this dude if he does not stop this nasty crap.

He is probably in his 50s. He changes his hairstyle very often. His hair used to be black. I think it is almost white now. As far as I know, he lives in Winchester Road in Portsmouth but he also may have a house in London.

I haven’t been able to reach the new company yet as they are experiencing a major failure today. They have a potentially expensive phone number and their website is crap.

When this whole thing started, there were tons of errors in databases.

There was an error when BT Business transferred its data from one database to the next.

After that, I was without telephone and broadband for a long time because, as it turned out, my address no longer existed. It had been removed at the Civic Offices, which meant that Royal Mail no longer had it in its database which meant that the comms provider companies did not have it in its databases.

By that time, I had lost almost my entire income so I lost my home.

Years after that, I was unable to transfer my business broadband and telephone services for a long time, with promises being made but not carried out.

That was back when I naively thought I still had a business that I would be allowed to operate (which I had been in Southampton).

Lately, there have been really weird errors in one of my clients’ bookkeeping databases. I got a weird phone call that somehow did not sound as if it actually came from them. And when I tried to call them myself, we got cut off after ten seconds or so again and again. There were also lots of errors with that particular client some years ago for a while. Invoices disappearing mostly in spite of having received confirmation.

Over the years, I have gotten oblique remarks from time to time indicating that I won’t have any money to be able to do certain things. That’s usually when something is about to happen that means that, you guessed it, I unexpectedly have no money coming in.






3 thoughts on “URGENT REQUEST

  1. More stupid crap today. I’d think it was Bulb if I hadn’t seen this kind of thing so many times before since the beginning of June 2008. If you’re a scientist, you have a good eye for observation and patterns and you’ll (eventually) notice it if someone starts messing with you. There is only so much stuff that you can ascribe to pure chance.

    On top of that, the thing with the screen suddenly moving all the way to the bottom of a page, or up, is continuing too and I just got approved for a banking app for which I supposedly submitted documents and didn’t.

    It’s always the same thing, over and over and over. It’s actually become pretty boring, but so has my entire life because there isn’t really much I can still do.

    When I published “We need to talk for it” and painstakingly went through the TOC, it was pretty messed up when I got the box of books. I’d made a mistake with the figures, but I did actually make that mistake. I did not, however, make a mistake with the Table of Contents.

    It goes on and on and on. I edit a paper in LaTeX for a client who is dyslexic and I coincidentally end up with a virus that changes the text as I am typing and makes it look like I am dyslexic?

    The fan that gears up when he gets angry, the computer that keeps rebooting itself when he gets angry, the screen that goes haywire when he gets angry.

    It goes on and on and on and on.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the taunting yet, the taunting that can be really really mean at times.

    What I haven’t mentioned yet is that as of some time ago, it started to dawn on me that the person in question may not be a psychopath but autistic. I found that hard to believe.

    Then this morning, I read that the guy who pushed the French boy off a balcony at Tate Modern is autistic and did it very deliberately in some kind of protest against how he is treated. Is my hacker like that?

    I have lately come to understand that many people who have this form of autism – well, it’s two forms, apparently, although some countries only acknowledge one of them – seem perfectly normally mainstream in daily life.

    On the receiving end, it’s all pretty frustrating. And nobody seems to know how one should deal with such cases. Which is why I have been highly tempted for a while to start filling this gap in the market.

  2. So what happened yesterday is that I received a message from “Christopher L” under the heading “We will use this email address for your Bulb account”, which Bulb did not do as it continued to e-mail me on another e-mail address, this Christopher then asked me to e-mail ID and confirm that I wanted to use THAT e-mail address, which I did and the response to that was

    “Hello Angelina,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    We do appreciate your protection here at Bulb regarding the account details however, this is not something we can offer right now as we are still working on this on our end.

    Once we have an update on this we will be in touch to let you know as we love to have security on all of our members but we do not have a specific timescale.

    Many thanks,

    Note, no mention of the ID I provided (marked as per instructions of my consulate, I should add), and no mention of what is going on with that account.

    This was followed by a message to me at another e-mail address, which I did not to read. I didn’t read the previous message at that address either as Bulb had confirmed that they would no longer use that e-mail address.

    There is more digital stuff going on that I will not mention online. It’s always intended to hurt and frustrate me.

    I don’t know if the person(s) doing this is (are) a psychopath, an autistic person with dissociate identity disorder (DID) or what.

    Everybody in Portsmouth says that they have never heard of either of the people in question. Yeah, right. That would seem to be an indication that it is deliberately intended to be mean, that it is “English humour” and that half of Portsmouth is in on it because otherwise, at least one person would at some point have stepped forward to reassure me in the past decade, right?

    However, my own personal impression is that I am dealing with TWO people who are or were both autistic (they both have obsessions and often communicate oddly) and who both have DID – and that there isn’t anyone in Portsmouth who has cottoned on to this yet.

    Both people with DID and autistic people can appear perfectly “mainstream” in public, I have learned from reading about all sorts of conditions in recent years.

    Most laypeople seem to believe that when adults are bullied by other adults and become wary and withdrawn as a result, that’s “autism”, particularly if the people in question are poor and wear glasses.

    The incident in which a French boy was thrown off a balcony at the Tate Modern involved a frustrated autistic person. The incident was a planned protest against how he was being treated.

    If an innocent French kid got targeted, then there needs to be no logic as to why I became targeted either, and maybe it really is one autistic person who is doing this as some kind of protest against women not liking him, or something?

    What the hell do I know?

  3. Here we go again. I have now received an update from Boost according to which I – apparently – still get my energy from them although they earlier told me that I had transferred to Bulb. (I guess I may have to wait a while to have that confirmed or denied.) Next, Bulb told me that I am being transferred to, eh, Utilita, I think, and my Bulb key gives me energy from… Eon.

    This kind of stuff has been going on for over a decade and it always concerns… ?Right! Databases! Hackable things. (Who can be accessed via equally hackable people, I should add. Social engineering.)

    From my address no longer existing and not being able to get broadband to BT Business having a problem with transferring from one database to the next to the stuff with Virgin Media Business (which went on and on and on and also appeared to included spoofed e-mails and a guy who visited me but who had nothing to do with Virgin Media Business and a phone call that claimed to be from the genuine Virgin Media Business person who had just left after having installed broadband and phone and who, in hindsight, probably was not the person calling me) etc etc etc.

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