Victims in practice

Globally, around 40 million people live in slavery.

Many of those are in the UK.

They are all around you.

See them.

Don’t betray them.

Do not turn them in to the police.

Because there, they will only be victimised again.

The problem with victims of modern slavery and other forms of abuse in countries like the UK is that they can be hidden in plain sight. In a country where so many millions live in poverty, a few more people who look as if they have no money and no hope left don’t stand out.

They are all around you, these victims, and almost everyone ignores them.

Companies with a turnover of 36 million pounds or more are legally required to file a few statements every year, about trafficking, modern slavery and so on.

First of all, that does not amount to much for most of those companies.

Second, well, it’s easy enough to put slaves to work for all the companies with a lower turnover.

People who do notice victims because they look miserable or are acting out give themselves excuses for why someone looks miserable or is acting out so that they don’t need to do anything that may be difficult, such as stand up for the people in question.

Examples of excuses?

  • It’s menopause
  • She’s bipolar
  • She’s probably schizophrenic
  • I’ve heard that she is being evicted
  • She is pining for a man
  • It’s because of Brexit
  • She’s sad because her hair has turned grey
  • She’s “vulnerable” (delusional?)
  • She’s just a bit shy
  • Her boyfriend must have left her
  • Her cat must have died
  • She’s autistic
  • She’s simply weird
  • Etc

In reality, it’s something else, something outside her. Someone or, rather, one or more other people. It’s not her. Or him.

Abusers are often very good at hiding in plain sight too.

The first day after Brexit day looks like a good day to talk about this.

In the past 3.5 years, too many young European women have been told that nobody else is going to hire them or give them a place to live because Brits risk up to five years in prison if they hire or house an illegal immigrant.

Brexit means that only migrants from the EU, who have actually gotten the British nationality can prove that they’re not illegal migrants from the EU.

The “settlement status” is no more than a heap of baloney.

Priti Patel has just said on TV that British companies should only hire British people. Priti Patel. That’s the UK government, folks.

(By calling EU citizens “cheap labour”, she also sneakily suggested that EU citizens bring the wages down in the UK, while wages are set by the government.)

So the abuse is bound to skyrocket from now on.



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