Amazing how memory works (Lily was here)

Something YouTube recommended…

“Lily was here” by Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart is based on the soundtrack to a Dutch film (“De Kassière“, which means “the checkout girl” or “the cashier”).

I saw that film, but it is a pretty depressing one, so I forgot all about the film, until I just saw it mentioned.

“Lily was here” was the perfect tune to end that film with. I don’t know how to explain that in words. The tune has an everyday harshness to it that compliments the film so well, that says “Life goes on” or “Life sucks and then you die. Get over it.” You don’t realize that until you hear it in combination with the film. You may be walking out of the cinema with a few tears hiding in your heavy heart, but you know that life will go on because the tune says so.

The tune later also became the basis for the intro and outro to the brilliant TV series “Candy meets” in which she travels, talks and jams with people like Sheila E and Maceo Parker. All of it used to be online, but I can only find the episode with Maceo Parker these days.



And in the video below, look at how different these two women play… The blond one and the darker one, with the slightly more curly reddish hair, in between. The blond one clearly looks much more confident and competent, right?

(It reminds me of a recent communication on LinkedIn.)

She played North Sea Jazz at 12 years old, it says.


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