I applaud Steve Walsh, the “gas salesmen” from Hove near Brighton

A few days ago, I set up a petition to nip any further discrimination of Asian people in the bud here in the UK, after I saw what was happening in my home country the Netherlands.

Of course, nobody’s interested.

Thankfully, Steve Walsh, the unlucky dude – it could have happened to anyone – who went to Singapore and then to France, having no idea he carried the Covid-19 virus – and then came back to England spoke out, which helped. I am very grateful that he did this, this very healthy-looking blond Englishman.

I just read in the Guardian that he is currently

feeling “very harassed” and “scared that [he’ll] become a scapegoat”


which he apparently said in the Times, but the Guardian did not link to the article and I haven’t been able to find it yet.

If he does become scapegoated, blame super wimp Matt Hancock who’s always been super-good at super-blaming super-innocent people and spreading lies in a very subtle way.

The wimp – Hancock – should speak up and tell his disciples that his kind of blame game is not on before it gets to that point. But he can’t, can he, because he’d have to quit playing it too, then.

The other problem? The English see themselves as super-calm and in control, but they can actually be total drama queens who love making mountains out of molehills. That’s because of the gossip aspect of the culture, methinks.


For the record, this gentleman from Hove works in the area of the supply of gases for scientific use, such as argon, in labs like the ones I used to work in a long time ago etc. He does not go door to door to sell gas for cooking stoves.

2 thoughts on “I applaud Steve Walsh, the “gas salesmen” from Hove near Brighton

  1. Both petitions have now started to attract signatures.

    The UK’s 9th patient (a Chinese woman who had recently returned from China) has been blamed in the media for having gone to a hospital when she suspected she had the Covid-19 virus. What else was she supposed to have done? Stand on her head? Dance the hokey-pokey?

    It also sounds like she is being blamed for having taken an Uber. She chose the quickest and least risky way to get herself to the right place. Had she walked or taken the tube, she would have encountered many more people along the way.

    The fact that there was no signage at the hospital that told her where exactly she should go is the hospital management’s fault, certainly not hers, but like most hospitals in the UK, it is likely understaffed so maybe the hospital’s management is not to blame.

    Of all the people who were evacuated from China and subsequently quarantined in the UK, so far nobody’s tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.


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