How Covid-19 is affecting the local economy

There is a highly popular Chinese eatery here that is always so crowded that I’ve actually never been there.

Yesterday, I walked by twice to see the place almost empty.

It normally seems to get frequented a lot by local foreign students as well as locals.

I don’t know if they do deliveries or are part of Deliveroo etc and can’t tell whether might be an increase in deliveries.

I also walked by a Chinese buffet restaurant. It was closed. That could have been a coincidence.

Who is taking some action with regard to how some businesses will be affected? Does their insurance cover this kind of thing? I doubt it (force majeure, acts of nature), but I hope I am wrong.

Covid-19 and Brexit

Looks like the UK is on its own on that too now, exactly the way it wanted it.

I haven’t seen the UK’s Covid-19 cases mentioned on the foreign media sites that I normally visit.

The EU Health ministers are meeting in Brussels to confer.

Matt Hancock won’t be there because Britain wanted out and Brits wanted Britain back. Okay then.