What may be lacking in the UK’s response to Covid-19?

The public’s perspective.

By that, I mean that it sounds as if the response is mainly along the lines of “What do WE need to do when someone shows up at the right door at the right hospital and says that he or she may have the virus?” and “Do we have enough face masks and other supplies?”

It sounds like they forgot to signpost at (some) hospitals where people should go if they think they have the virus, for example.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the public.

I searched “what to do if you suspect you have the coronavirus”?

You’re supposed to self-isolate for 14 days if you’ve just been to China and/or other areas with a higher incidence of the virus.

But when you’ve just come home from abroad, you’re not likely to have much food in the house.

So unless this recommendation to self-isolate goes with a dedicated service that brings people whatever products they need, putting self-isolation in practice is not necessarily as simple as it sounds.

What if you’re a young woman and your period arrives and you’re cramping and you have run out of painkillers and tampons?

Just one scenario.

Not everyone will have the funds to order deliveries from services like Ocado.

This temporary dedicated service to help people in quarantine in their own homes would need to be free, with payment for only the products. You can simply leave a box at the door so that you don’t have to come in contact with the person in question and you can contact him or her by mobile phone.

It would have to be a dedicated service, also to ensure that all deliverers stick to hand-washing etc.

Communities should set this up for their own, with volunteers. Heck, why not?

The Chinese are volunteering to look after pets in Wuhan:

Will we have a dedicated phone number for anyone with questions to do with this virus?

Is there an option to choose right now as in “Press 4 if you think you may have the Covid-19 virus”?

4 thoughts on “What may be lacking in the UK’s response to Covid-19?

  1. Ha, it’s happening. From The Guardian, posted at 9:55 today:

    “More than 150 “mutual aid” groups have been formed across the UK to provide support from shopping, dog walking and picking up prescriptions within communities.

    The groups, which number at least 174 and are being coordinated nationally by ‘Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK’, have organised online meetings today and are handing out flyers in streets.

    As well as practical support the groups are offering telephone calls with people who are self-isolating due to infection or increased vulnerability.

    Anna Vickerstaff, one of the coordinators of the national network, said:

    Groups are being set up and run entirely by volunteers – and our hope is that they can help to make sure people who need support get it. With the NHS and public services having been so ruthlessly underfunded in the last decade, we really just want to make sure that people don’t end up suffering alone, or without the basics and support that they need from the outside world.

    There’s some pretty big questions about whether or not the government’s response to this crisis has been fit for purpose. So it’s even more important that so many ordinary people across the country are keen to offer solidarity to each other in a moment of need.”


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