The first local suspected case…

About 500 meters from where I am (and that is all I am saying). 🙂

It would be REALLY USEFUL if they would say a little more than this. Does it concern a pharmacy worker? A customer? This raises more questions than it answers. Was someone taken into quarantine or not at all? What?

Oh, here is more (I searched the web):

“The practice manager has urged anyone else who has symptoms to call 111, as per NHS guidelines.”

So, either the news is not getting through or the number is not working the way it should. Been very tempted to test the latter, in the past couple of days, but I reckon they’re busy enough without me calling in to see whether it’s working. 😉

We’ll need a massive local flyering action, then. We can go door to door and put a leaflet with instructions in the letterbox. Heck why not? If we all team up on that, it can be done quickly, and locals know where all the front doors around them are, which helps a lot. (We have some really weird addresses here.)

2 thoughts on “The first local suspected case…

  1. I am now pleased that I left a note here where I live, outlining that I had not been in any high-risk situations as I was coughing and sneezing a week ago (which I often do, but I was sneezing quite a bit and I’d read online that there were people who got nervous when they heard someone cough).

    I have not been abroad, have not been to Brighton, have not met with any friends who’d been on a cruise or anything like that. Have not been to an airport either. Haven’t been on public transport for a while.

    In fact, I run a very low risk as I lead a pretty isolated life here in England, and as a self-employed person, I learned in the past that that too limits my risk to the extent that I could often say exactly how I got a cold. (Meeting with a friend who had school-age children or taking public transport, in Amsterdam.)

    But now that there may be a nearby case, I am pleased about the silly note I left, which felt a bit over the top at the time. It started along the lines of “dear drama queens”, which on the one hand ensures that you do not get people overly worried (because it ticks them off) and then at the same time is able to reassure them. I left that at the beginning of this week. It means that my immediate neighbours aren’t going to worry or wonder now. That pleases me.

    As I have some mild lung issues and am not a spring chicken, this new virus might knock me out a bit, so I am going to be a little bit careful and will have a hand sanitizer with me from now on because every little bit helps. I happen to have a bunch of these little travel-size bottles sitting around. Now I can put them to some good use.

    I had one-sided viral pneumonia in 2017; there was this mid-winter bug that even knocked the Queen out back then and in some cases, it was causing “complications”. As it proceeded by the book, and there was nothing my GP could have done, I didn’t even need any medical help with that. I had dropped them a note via their brand-new website when I read that having a virus was not usual for the bug that was going around but I don’t think they got the note and I figured out what was going on on my own. Woke up with a lot of stinging in my side one morning. The whole thing did “knock me out” for a while, but it proceeded by the book.

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