Coronavirus. What’s changed if you’re in the UK.

In the Netherlands, the government will be paying 90% of people’s wages to stop companies from having to fire staff. Self-employed people will get income top-ups if they need it, independent of their partner’s income and regardless of whether they own their home or not. Businesses in serious trouble will be given 4000 euro instant money. Because help is now needed when it is needed hence GIVEN and the usual red tape would get in the way, so is being condensed dramatically.

France plans to hand out €1,500 to small independent workers. That’s the people who work for the food delivery companies and so on, I suppose.

In the UK, criminal trials that take longer than 3 days are being postponed.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson continues his inane waffling while he and his pals keep contradicting each other and instead of reassuring people makes vague threats. I find the latter abusive.

So, once again, people in the UK are unable to make any plans for anything because nobody knows what to expect and everybody is at the mercy of the whims of the abusive clown who thinks he is a leader because he is abusive and divisive.

A year ago or so, I made a little video in which I talked about a course I had just made. It started like this. “There is a lot of bad leadership in the world at the moment.” and in the next sentence, I described people like Boris Johnson.

Even Iran may be doing a better job at the moment than the UK. Even Nazanin Zaghari Radcliffe – about which the bumbling clown once mistakenly told Iran that she was there to teach journalists – is currently free albeit with an anklet.

(Let’s face it, providing all those people with ankle bracelets indicates a much better level of organization than the UK usually displays. 54,000 have been temporarily released, many of them political prisoners. That sounds like an impressive display of choosing the right priorities.)

Even Donald Trump may be doing a better job than Boris Johnson. I don’t know if it’s true, but apparently, he’s given away his quarterly salary. You can say what you want about Donald Trump, but that would be a good gesture:

He understands the importance of gestures, regardless of whether they make a practical difference or not. Boris Johnson is the exact opposite in that area. He does not understand such things at all. He waffles about people keeping some distance while exa-cising – thereby alienating half the country. (Even I am not that dense.)

I decided to check what Johson is doing right now and apparently, 35 minutes ago, he started talking about protecting private renters, after criticism:

But when the Tories talk about – promise – something positive, they usually only do it to appease people but don’t actually carry it out.

(Yeah, I had heard that Rishi Sunak had promised something. It’s going to turn out to be bullshit, as usual. Utter bullshit. It always is, in Britain, except anything that concerns cuts or is good for people like Arron Banks. We’ve had tons and tons and tons of promises in the past 5 or so years, almost none of which materialized.)

I haven’t heard/read/seen anything about what’s happening in Scotland, but I imagine that Nicola Sturgeon is doing a much better job.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus. What’s changed if you’re in the UK.

  1. I’m sorry. I know that it is not reassuring of me to point this out, but we all know that government promises in the UK are utter bullshit because they always are and we’ve all heard it a bazillion times before by now, these empty promises. I am not affected so it is easy for me to criticise it all from a safe distance, but I truly don’t understand why the English put up and keep putting up with soooo muuuuch craaaapp!

    I hope that when this crisis is over, you’ll have a change of heart and start choosing true leaders for your country instead of people who “fuck you in the arse” all the time.

    I mean it.

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