I will whoop your ass!

I will verbally BOX YOUR EARS if I see you misbehave toward – belittle, patronize or otherwise insult –  people over 35 because of this virus just because the British believe that everyone over 35 is braindead and deserves abuse.

You will meet with my fury!

When I moved to Britain, from Amsterdam, I became instantly marginalised for reasons that took me years to figure out.

* I am a woman.

* I am a migrant.

* I was and still am not married nor do I want to be.

* I was and still am single and this is what I want.

* I was over 35 (44 at the time).

* I am educated (that idiotic class thing).

* I am not rich (that idiotic class thing).

Hence a “very defective, badly flawed human”. FFS!

(I should be pleased that there were a few things that I wasn’t and that would have marginalised me even more if I had been?)

It is UTTERLY TOTALLY NUTS, people! Disrespectful. Appalling. Offensive. Rude.

And most of you have no idea what it is like to become badly marginalised.

Just imagine that wherever you go, people call you “toots” or “dickhead” or “dumbo” while others behave as if you don’t even exist, that you’re air. Do YOU want to be treated like that all the time?

This post was inspired by a tweet I just saw. People believe that being offensive and immensely insulting to people over 35 is completely normal, particularly right now, and even consider it cute and caring when kids do it.

I find it quite shocking. Jawdroppingly shocking.

Just one or two days ago, I saw another tweet in which Gina Miller was abused quite appallingly just because Gina Miller does not have a penis. I have also seen that being done to other women who do a heck of a lot of work toward protecting the British. It is utterly totally not on.

Something similar currently seems to go for being rude to staff at supermarkets and so on. See this tweet about a person behind the checkout who started to cry just because someone thanked her:




It is time for the application of Theory of Mind, people. Before you open your mouth, step into the shoes of the person you are talking to and imagine what he or she might be feeling, also in response to what you were about to say.

Hard to do – for me too – but necessary now.

When you walk around, you also see parents with children and the stress radiating off them, the tension, the challenge of how the hell they are going to handle it all, the kids having to stay home.

There are lots of people who are careful but relaxed. Far from everyone is that lucky.

Do your bit.

Feel free to share your opinion below. (Note that I do screen comments on this website.)

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