Mother Nature is whooping our collective ass!

IF we had treated non-human animals with the respect they deserve, THEN we might not have had this coronavirus crisis now as the virus might not have gotten the chance to jump over from the animals that are likely immune to it.

IF we hadn’t caused so much air pollution, THEN we would have been less susceptible to it.

Something similar’s been said about ebola.

IF we had respected the habitats and rights of the wildlife that carried it, THEN…

Non-human animals all over the world are probably throwing a party right now, so to speak. Some countries have banned animal markets and there is currently a lot less air pollution and noise pollution not to mention fewer cars running them over. The planet is bound to feel like a much more peaceful place to many non-human animals at the moment.

Lessons to be learned?

Are we the plague that Mother Nature is trying to get rid of?

Is James Lovelock’s Gaia alive and kicking after all?

Monkey with shaved chest (accurate?) and collar around neck, looking out of a cage that humans stuffed it into

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