Americans (etc) stuck in or near Portsmouth, England?

Should the coronavirus crisis have gotten you stuck in or near Portsmouth, then I can’t do a lot for you, but maybe a few little things.

I do not have a car, currently only have electricity and internet left for a few days, and I have almost no little food, but what I do have is knowledge.

I have been based in Portsmouth since early 2009 and before that in Southampton since late 2004. (I’ve also lived in the States.)

So I may be able to help you find people and places.

I also have disinfecting material, should you need that. I filled 4 spray bottles last night. This virus has a thin layer of fat around it that is relatively easy to break down by cleaning fluids and I happened to have a very good veterinary disinfecting cleanser at hand (F10).

It can be hard to reach me, partly because of local hackers, but you can complete the form below or see if you can reach me on 077 2977 5974 (UK number).

In any case, don’t count on an immediate response because I am also trying to save on power and data, of course.

But I am here!

Sadly, my address here is hard to find, also for most locals, so giving you that would be useless. It would end in frustration.

Feel free to share your opinion below. (Note that I do screen comments on this website.)

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