How I can help

So, a few days ago, I thought I would contact my GP office and ask if it would be helpful if I hung around to disinfect surfaces in the reception/waiting area every hour or so. So that they can concentrate a bit more on their usual tasks.

Today, I thought that maybe I should walk over to my local Aldi or some other shop and offer to help them stock shelves. (I grew up with this kind of business and I also stocked shelves as a student.)

Would that be silly or not? I have no idea.

Would that mean that I would be pushing someone else out of earnings??? If so, then I wouldn’t want to do that.

I was a little tired today, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I may make some calls and simply ask. I can offer to sign a liability waiver and I can wear a mask.

Phase 2

Now we need to start thinking about the next phase (and keep a good eye on what governments are doing and stop some of them from grabbing totalitarian powers). There is a point at which extreme safety measures to shield against the virus will start to cause health problems themselves.

When people run out of food, lose jobs or even homes.

Poverty (deprivation) causes health problems too, though they are smeared out over a longer time period. There is some protection against that in the UK but not enough and not for everyone. Hard to realize.

(Not to mention that our world has to keep running.)

So it is important to find a healthy balance at some point and swing back toward the middle of the road.

Services will slowly have to start up again, in compromises, such as one day per week, maybe for one person or just a few people at a time.

Will start doing some thinking about that. Brian Earp tweeted about an article that may have some good ideas, but I haven’t read it yet as I wanted to track down some food for myself first. Succeeded! The first three tries backfired and made me feel a bit deflated, but then I ate something first, after which I headed in a different direction in town.

Also, I just heard that some of the British changes made for people who are ill or disabled may be a very good thing to continue, but I have no good overview on what those changes are. (DWP accepting online learning and remote/working from home, which apparently it didn’t use to? Nope, was about this:


Compromises (services in times of Covid-19)

For SOME services that are now closed, opening one day a week only and having good protocols in place on that day might be a solution.

As the virus seems to take up to 4 days to die on surfaces, the 7-day break might be enough to allow opening on one day in the week only.

Provided there is a good protocol on the day that the service is open