How I can help

So, a few days ago, I thought I would contact my GP office and ask if it would be helpful if I hung around to disinfect surfaces in the reception/waiting area every hour or so. So that they can concentrate a bit more on their usual tasks.

Today, I thought that maybe I should walk over to my local Aldi or some other shop and offer to help them stock shelves. (I grew up with this kind of business and I also stocked shelves as a student.)

Would that be silly or not? I have no idea.

Would that mean that I would be pushing someone else out of earnings??? If so, then I wouldn’t want to do that.

I was a little tired today, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I may make some calls and simply ask. I can offer to sign a liability waiver and I can wear a mask.

3 thoughts on “How I can help

  1. Okay, I may not be able to do that. I sniffle and cough a lot, at all times. At THIS time, it would likely make at least some and perhaps too many people (who don’t know me) nervous and that likely means that I wouldn’t be helping but hampering.

    Have asked one practice.

    • Okay, in view of the fact that my digital harasser/stalker(s) is (are) taking his (their) stress related to the coronavirus crisis out on me again, including spoofed e-mails, I have to assume that I haven’t actually reached some of the local people I’ve been trying to contact in the past week, including this GP practice.

  2. Then I headed out to help someone else and on the corner realized that the same problem applied. My occasional coughing and sniffling would make (some) people nervous.

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