Why I wear a mask now when I go into a supermarket

To show some respect for the people who work there and also for fellow shoppers.

I always cough and sniffle a lot – nothing to do with the current corona virus – but when people hear me cough or see me use a tissue, some get worried. That’s good. It means that they’re alert.

On occasion – it’s rare – I even have a coughing fit because of the dry air in some shop or other place.

So I wear a mask now.

Because it reassures people as it conveys that I am aware of what is going on and do my best.

Does it reassure people such that they forget about distancing? For some people, it may work that way but for others, it may serve as a reminder to maintain distance.

(It also stops me from wanting to wipe my nose, plus it means that I am not breathing in very dry air.)

Does wearing a mask have pluses and minuses? YES! For starters, I should be able to grab a new mask each time, and I can’t.

Also, I should put it on before I leave my home and take it off after I come home and only after I have washed my hands. That I find very hard to do in practice, but I will try my best to do this too from now on, for my own sake.

Is it a pain in the butt? Oh yeah.

But hey, there are worse things.

I try to add little things to remind me of the situation. I’ve noticed that it is very easy for me to forget about the distancing when I am not wearing a mask.

The mask serves as a reminder for me to take all the precautions I should take, not just for my sake, but for everyone’s sake.

I am not entirely sure yet whether I will keep this up. I started doing it yesterday.

Do you feel the same way or do you have different experiences?



Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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