Guardian editor’s Twitter account hacked (and 5G)

A Twitter account appearing to be in the name of a technology editor for The Guardian just accused me of spreading lies about (corona virus and) 5G. WTF?!

I was utterly totally flabbergasted – and angry – until I realised that this was typical troll-like behaviour and that account apparently got hacked.

So I blocked the account and reported it to Twitter as hacked.

It’s amazing how quick I was to assume that the tweets from that account were genuine.

The only thing I have done is say that a lack of good information / understanding provided by governments about why people were suddenly no longer allowed to shake hands and told to wash hands all the time may have led some people to assume or conclude that something was getting onto their hands through their phones, in the letter I sent to the Evening Standard.

Confusion about biological viruses versus IT-related viruses might have caused such a misunderstanding. As this new virus emerged more or less at the same time that 5G is being rolled out…

Logical reasoning is not only what WE think is logical reasoning.

I learned that from quaker parrots.

An apple can look like a big intimidating object to a small bird.

Then cutting off a slice of that apple and give it to the apple-loving bird might make a human conclude that as the slice is okay, the apple has to be okay too, but we humans do that on the basis of knowing that the apple is okay.

For a bird that has no prior experience with whole apples, the conclusion that the slice – maybe only that particular slice – might not be good is actually also logical, isn’t it?

Logical reasoning is easy – i.e. limited because it can arrive at one conclusion only – if you already have the answer that you want to arrive at.

If you don’t possess all the answers yet, you might draw different conclusions.

Fortunately, the bird in question also had a terrific sense of humour and often poked fun at me. I learned a lot from her about the arrogance of humans.