Why I am continuing to wear a mask when I go to the shops

It’s getting warmer now and that makes it a lot harder.

I am not wearing it every time I pop out.

But me wearing a mask reminds people that this virus – which we cannot see – is not gone yet.

It reminds me, too. It’s so easy to forget all about it, particularly when it’s nice and sunny out there.

And it reminds me of what healthcare workers put up with.

And I urge innovators and inventors to come up with solutions.

Just one trip to the supermarket and Boots this afternoon landed me with burning marks in my face from the mask.

We’ve all seen the photos of hospital staff with angry red welts in their faces.

What’s the skin-friendly solution, folks?

One thought on “Why I am continuing to wear a mask when I go to the shops

  1. Make no mistake. I am not always wearing a mask, but when I don’t, it does not mean that I don’t respect you. It could mean that I’m just went for a walk and popped into a smaller shop on my way back. (Seems more reasonable than to go home, washed my hands, put the mask on and go outside again.) Sometimes, I forget and have already left when I realize that I didn’t put a mask on.


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