That Kern County Dr Erickson who talks about COVID-19 on YouTube

Update 3 May 2020: YouTube has meanwhile removed the two doctors’ “presser”. YouTube also sometimes deletes videos and channels when it shouldn’t. This time, I am very pleased that it did.

To my dismay, I had also received these doctors’ rubbish as news in an email a few days after I posted the stuff below. (If you subscribe to news media other people follow, people whose views may not overlap with your own, you get a much better idea of what is out there, what people outside of your own circles are thinking.) So I emailed them.


Folks, I only watched the first 7 minutes of the 90 minute “presser” and that was all hogwash to such a degree that I wondered if the guy was an actor instead of a doctor. So I searched the web to see if he actually existed.


He is one of the two owners of that small chain of commercial facilities and he is not making any money on other medical care right now. He built a new facility exclusively for COVID-19 testing and that apparently was not making enough money either. Presumably the other guy sitting at the table is the other owner.

Someone had approached me about this on Twitter, an account that looked like a troll account from the get-go. But hey, that person wanted to know what I thought of these videos and I am driven by curiosity. So I took a look.

When I told whoever was behind that Twitter account that the first 7 minutes of this video contained little but hogwash, that I was going to debunk it all in detail and that I also had found that this guy apparently had stated in this video that the local public health authorities agreed with him and that that apparently was not true either, the Twitter account in question blocked me.

Just sayin’.

The reason why I am posting this here is in case someone searches the web for this doctor’s presentation.

You may be interested to hear that yet another one of this doctor’s presentations (on his company website) actually confirms my reasons for dismissing something that he said in those first 7 minutes. That’s right. In another video he made about COVID-19 testing, he essentially debunks something that he said in the above video.

If you want me to watch and analyse the remaining 83 minutes, let me know.

Sadly, it’s dangerous hogwash that may be putting people at risk for contracting COVID-19. Didn’t this doctor take an oath once?

I also watched the COVID-19 update of the National Academy of Sciences today and was pleased and surprised to hear several people echo my own views. Not about scientific details about this virus or what have you – not my field – but what we can and must do with this crisis.

Earlier today, I e-mailed Philip Alston, Robyn Hannigan and Françoise Baylis, talked about it with a few other people and I will make some calls in a few days as well.

Feel free to share your opinion below. (Note that I do screen comments on this website.)

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